Furlow, Jones, and Powers Honored by Sheriff's Office for Years of Service

Shelby County JP Pct 2 O. B. "Bert" Furlow was honored along with JP Jim Powers and JP Larry "Dude" Jones during an open house at the Shelby County Sheriff's Department Tuesday, December 22, 2014.

Shelby County Sheriff Willis Blackwell presented Judge Furlow with a plaque engraved with the dates July 2, 1984 through December 31, 2014 for his years of service to Shelby County. Shad Sparks, Chief Deputy and former Constable Precinct 2, said with humor, "Now you did notice his was gold plated. I figured anybody putting up with it that long needs to have gold." Furlow served as Justice of the Peace Pct. 2 for 30 years.

Furlow expressed his appreciation for the Sheriff's Office and then said, "Most of all I thank the good Lord for giving me the strength and the health to do what I've done. I thank the people of Precinct 2 for putting me back in office all these years. Thank you."

Certificates of appreciation were presented to Judge Powers from Timpson and to Judge Jones from Tenaha for their many years of service to Shelby County. Sheriff Blackwell presented the certificates and thanked them.

Also present at the open house was Shelby County Judge Rick Campbell, Commissioner Bradley Allen, Commissioner Roscoe McSwain, and Commissioner Jimmy Lout.

(L to R) Sheriff Blackwell, Judge Powers, and Constable Stanley Burgay

(L to R) Sheriff Blackwell and Judge Jones

(L to R) Judge Powers, Judge Furlow, and Judge Margie Anderson

(L to R) Investigator Kevin Windham, Judge Furlow, and Chief Deputy Sparks. Windham and Sparks are both former Constables of Precinct 2 and worked with Furlow.

Judge Furlow with his family