The Golden Harvest Ministries Club August Meeting

Nora Robinson, a guest, (38 years); Jim and Ann Forbes (62 years) and Mike and Linda Bordelon (50 years)

August 19, 2015 - Joe Anderson announced that it was time to start the Golden Harvest Ministries Club meeting on Aug. 17, 2015 in the Fellowship Hall of the First Baptist Church . W. A. Moore gave the opening prayer and Harold Hanson led the singing while Alice West played the piano. We sang “I Stand Amazed” and My Jesus I Love Thee.” We sang Happy Birthday to Maudie Warr and then Happy Anniversary to Mike and Linda Bordelon who have been married for 50 years and Jim and Ann Forbes who have been married for 62 year.

Mr. Anderson recognized all the visitors who were Kathy Childs, Makayla Mayo Shirley Cunningham, Cindy Brown, nora Robins Susan Kruger, Bill and Jane Langenbacher and Carrie, Emily, Jake and Jared Jenkins. Then Mr. Anderson blessed the food and asked a special blessing for our program.

Jim Forbes introduced Hans Polk who told us his feeling about the Holocaust and what he feels about conditions in the world today. The fact that the air conditioner was not working in the room contributed to our feeling very heated about what happens when there is hatred amongst people. The world has not learned one thing from history. We were challenged to not take our freedom for granite as people continue to not seek to love and help others.

We had the minutes of the last meeting. A small quilt was given as a door prize and Frances Chance won it! Ann Forbes presented the Prayer Report and we agreed to pray for the concerns at home. David Bain led our closing prayer.

Submitted by Ellen Manning