The Golden Harvest Ministries Club June Meeting

June 17, 2015 - The Golden Harvest Ministries Club met June 15, 2015 in the Fellowship Hall of the First Baptist Church . Joe Anderson called us to order and gave opening remarks. Johnnie Gray led the opening prayer. Bro. Ed Miller led us as we sang several patriotic songs because we are approaching Independence Day. Alice West accompanied us with the piano. Even Bro. Miller remarked that the group sounds good. Those having a birthday this month are Darlene Brown, Ann Forbes, Joyce Kirkley, Nori Latimer and Alice West. We sang for them and for Ed and Terri Miller’s wedding anniversary. They have been married for 41 year.

Joe Anderson recognized our visitor, Janice Warr and then reminded us that this would be the last time for Bro. Michael Hale to be with us at a Golden Harvest meal. We will miss him and wish him many blessings. Then he gave the blessing on the food. Everyone enjoyed food and fellowship for about 25 minutes.

Jim Forbes introduced Captain Ray Cole from the Nacogdoches Fire Department who started a business of catching unwanted snakes and taking them where they will not bother people. He told us how to identify the 5 venomous snakes that are in East Texas . There are 250 species in the United States . Snakes have a purpose in our environment and should not be killed but removed by a professional to a place away from people. Some people enjoyed seeing and holding the snakes that are harmless.

Ellen Manning read the minutes of the last meeting. Betty Green gave the financial report and Melba Colman, historian, reported that she was doing well and that she was glad to be able to come to the meeting. Joe Anderson recognized the kitchen helpers and thanked Linda Bordelon for the fresh flower arrangements.

Ann Forbes went over the list of prayer list. There was not any one in the hospital at this time. She talked about those who have special medical needs and encouraged us to pray for all those people as well as missionaries and those in nursing homes. Vance Green gave the prayer.

Submitted by Ellen Manning