Happenings at Paxton Methodist, May 1st

May 1, 2017 - Sunday was the Third Sunday in Easter. I am doing a series on the many stories that people have told in the past, stories that are being told, and stories yet to be told. Last Sunday I focused on those first century Jesus followers who experienced the Risen Lord. From the women who went to the tomb, to those traveling the Emmaus Road, to those behind locked doors and windows—with and without Thomas, and the fishermen who experienced the Christ on the shore of the Galilee. What wonderful stories they told! Each of these early stories set off a new way of looking, experiencing and understanding God and changed the Western World.

This past Sunday my scripture came from Acts 2, usually one of the scriptures used at Pentecost. The verses chosen come from Peter’s first sermon. We know from the New Testament that Jesus said Peter would be the rock upon which he would build his church. But if we look at almost all the other gospel stories, they tell a story of a man who looked to be a poor choice. One would certainly question Jesus’ wisdom when he spoke up for Peter. But the Peter after the events of Holy Week is a much different person.

Even though Mrs. Hilda was rehabbing after a stroke, her “army” gathered together to carry on her mission at Lakeside Assisted Living last Thursday. Joyce Hughes agreed to be the accompanist; she also played a special and worked up the program. Her granddaughter Tori Windham did some specials and sang with others also. Nora “sang a book” with a John Denver song; Gene sang “Morning Has Broken,” along with Tori and Laura. Ollie read a poem and a short article, Sue read an Ogden Nash poem, and Laura did Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson. Fannie not only read the legend of the sand dollar, but she also passed out sand dollars to everyone in attendance. Maggie emceed the whole shebang, making spiritual links to different parts of the program. And at the end, Margie stood to thank those putting on the program—for carrying on in Mrs. Hilda’s stead. It was a feel-good time, although Mrs. Hilda absence was certainly felt.

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