Joaquin High School Academic Awards for 2019-2020

May 19, 2020 - (Awards Flier) - The Joaquin High School teachers and staff would like to tell all of our students congratulations on completing this school year. We sincerely wish we could have presented these awards to our students in person at an awards banquet, but due to the COVID-19 school mandates we are unable to at this time. We would like to thank parents and community members for their help and support of our school and students. Students have worked hard this year and deserve recognition for their accomplishments. We are so proud of each and every one, and miss seeing and teaching them!

Medals and certificates will be given to students when we return to school in August.  

9th Grade Awards

Students of the Year: Juli King and Mason Hughes

All A Honor Roll: Cole Bragg, Whitney Garrett, Alyssa Cummings, Mason Hughes, Mariel Luna

A/B Honor Roll: Khoen Baker, Addyson Ballard, Renee Brostowski, Andre Brown, Molly Bushiey, Chris Henry, Juli Ann King, Michael Patrick, Kannon Rogers, Malik Stotts, David Tomasewski, Stephanie Wagner, Darell Webster, and Kolton Whitton

10th Grade Awards

Students of the Year: Avery Prnka and Nahum Rivera

All A Honor Roll: Cullen Freeman and Marissa Johnson

A/B Honor Roll: Fabiola Araiza, Madison Baker, Victoria Byrd, Jayden Cater, Isaiah Hardison, Addisyn Harvey, Layla Hennigan, Hannah Holt, Kaylea Neal, Lauren Neal, Kaylee Oliver, Kaleb Oswalt, Avery Prnka, Nahum Rivera, Humberto Romero, Jackson Thomas, Jonalyz Vargas, and Gage Welton

11th Grade Awards

Students of the Year: Brooklinn Penning and Blake Cummings

All A Honor Roll: Bryer Holloway, Colton Kimbrough, Chloee Mason, Brooklinn Penning, Lucia Ruiz, and Luisa Ruiz

A/B Honor Roll: Kalie Brooks, Ryleigh Cheatwood, Jacy Covington, Blake Cummings, Sarah Ewing, Drew Fuller, Lesly Garcia, Ebbie McCann, Ashleigh McKim, Shanya Norris, Chrislyn Pena, Joseph Pena, Chandler Pritchett, Camryn Runnels, Kennedy Stanley, and Brieanna Thomas

12th Grade Awards

Students of the Year: Riley Sherrod and Jesus Bravo

All A Honor Roll: Elizabeth Araiza, Jesus Bravo, Connor Bragg, Madison Matthews, Jaycee McKnight, Angel Orr, Riley Sherrod, and Catherine Solis

A/B Honor Roll: Sydnie Arbuckle, Jacob Cox, Maddisyn Cheatwood, Abigail Hooper, Mackenzie Matthews, Tesla Mazie
UIL Academic Participants

Calculator Applications: Andre Brown, Isaiah Hardison, Bryer Holloway, and Lucia Ruiz

Computer Applications: Bryer Holloway, Colton Kimbrough, and Luisa Ruiz

Current Issues: Chris Henry, Hannah Holt, Mason Hughes, and Luisa Ruiz

Copy Editing: Cole Bragg, Blake Cummings, and Lucia Ruiz

Editorial Writing: Khoen Baker, Addy Ballard, and O'Meliyah Roland

Headline Writing: Bryer Holloway, Lucia Ruiz, and Luisa Ruiz

Feature Writing: Colton Kimbrough, Jordan Litton, and Emma Martin

Literary Criticism: Chris Henry, Bryer Holloway, Colton Kimbrough, and Luisa Ruiz

Mathematics: Andre Brown, Alyssa Cummings, Isaiah Hardison, Brooklinn Penning

Number Sense: Alyssa Cummings, Colton Kimbrough, Brooklinn Penning, Luisa Ruiz

News Writing: Molleigh Fultz,, Marissa Johnson, Lauren Neal

Ready Writing: Cullen Freeman, Whitney Garrett, Marissa Johnson

Science: Isaiah Hardison, Chris Henry, Nahum Rivera, Kannon Rogers, Humberto Romero, Stephanie Wagner

Social Studies: Cullen Freeman, Mason Hughes, Humberto Romero, Jackson Thomas, Lucia Ruiz, Luisa Ruiz

State BETA Convention Winners: Luisa Ruiz, 11th Grade - 1st place, Spanish, Division II; Mariel Luna, 9th Grade, - 2nd place, Spanish, Division I; Nahum Rivera, 10th Grade - 3rd place, Spanish, Division I; Madison Baker, 10th Grade - 2nd place, Mixed Media Art, Division I

Congratulations to all our winners and participants!