Joaquin Jr. High School Awards 2019-2020 (Updated)

May 15, 2020 (Awards Flyer) - The Joaquin Jr. High teachers and staff would like to tell all of our students congratulations on completing this school year. We sincerely wish we could have presented these awards to our students in person, but due to the COVID-19 school mandates we are unable to at this time. Our Jr. High Academic UIL participants will be recognized in an awards program in September. We would like to thank parents and community members for their support of our school and students. Our students have worked hard and deserve recognition for their accomplishments. We are so proud of each of our students and miss seeing and teaching them all!

Medals, trophies, and recognition certificates will be presented to students when students come back to school in August.

Jr. High Academic UIL participants will be recognized in an awards program in September.

Joaquin JHS Students of the Year:

6th Grade: Eslee Martin and Jasper Harris

7th Grade: Kaitleigh Avery and Rhett Haggard

8th Grade: Shelby Freeman and Jericho Freeman

6th Grade Awards

Top 10 AR Points
1. David Guevara – 407.7
2. Tristen Groeling – 306.5
3. Cameron Hinson – 119.9
4. Kinsey Bryant – 110.7
5. Kyleigh McKim – 109.8
6. Leslie Blanco – 106.4
7. Faith Alford – 100.4
8. Danny Cobb – 98.1
9. Melissa Green – 97.4
10. Joshua Nelson – 95.7

Hardest Workers in Social Studies: Cameron Hinson, Karson Rogers, Kinsey Bryant, and Allison Gamble

Hardest Workers in Math and Science: Kaylee Metcalf and Kolton Scruggs

All “A” Honor Roll: Tristen Groeling, Cameron Hinson, and Karson Rogers

A/B Honor Roll: Faith Alford, Brooklyn Bagley, Mason Booker, Emilee Bradshaw, Kinsey Bryant, Abigail Burkhalter, Mattie Bushiey, Haley Cash, Jaylee Cater, Chris Corder, Allison Gamble, David Guevara, Keaton Hughes, Eslee Martin, Kyleigh McKim, Jordan Metcalf, Stormie Meyers, Joshua Nelson, and Kolton Scruggs

7th Grade Awards

Ten Top AR Points:
1. Scarlett McCormick- 163.1
2. Haleigh Lynch- 136.6
3. Cinthia Torres- 129.9
4. Kenley Harvey- 114.9
5. Lucas Evans- 102
6. Mariya Wilson-98.1
7. Rhett Haggard- 87.6
8. Gage Cash- 74.4
9. Zachariah Barentine- 73.5
10. Eli Haynes- 64.9

Reading and Writing Hardest Worker: Autumn Alford, Karoline Oswalt, and P.J. Carpenter

Reading and Writing Most Improved: Chance Shuemaker

Science Hardest Worker: Autumn Alford and Dallon Jordan

All “A” Honor Roll: Lucas Evans, Rhett Haggard, Elijah Hardison

A/B Honor Roll: Autumn Alford, Emma Broadus, Tanor Doggett, Kate Fuller, Tucker Gamble, Dallon Jordan, Haleigh Lynch, Cody Martin, Riley Mullins, Jake Neal, Karoline Oswalt, Jesse Parker, Aspen Pritchett, Emma Raybon, Cinthia Torres, and Mariya Wilson

Math Hardest Worker: Zion James and Jesse Parker

8th Grade Awards

Top AR Points:
1. Giovani Guevara - 293.3
2.Braylon Ezernack - 157.2
3.Shelby Freeman - 156.5
4. Autumn Webb - 142.7
5. Ashley Mayes - 138
6. Jeanne Hughes - 111
7. Noah Altimarano - 96.9
8. Blaine Bailey - 83.2
9. Hollie Hamilton - 78.6
10. Ashley Mares - 76.7

Math Hardest Worker: Maisyn Moore and Jakob Chapman

Science Hardest Worker: Emma Graves and Eduardo Araiza

Social Studies Hardest Worker: Emma Graves and Giovani Guevara

All “A” Honor Roll: Shelby Freeman - Valedictorian, Hollie Hamilton - Salutatorian, Jeanne Hughes, Eduardo Ariaiza, Blaine Bailey, and Autumn Webb

A/B Honor Roll: Noah Altamirano, Melissa Arcibar, Kaleigh Baker, Caleb Brooks, Katrina Brostowski, Randi Chambliss, Braylon Ezernack, Madison Fenley, Emma Graves, Jackson Griffin, Giovani Guevara, Deakon Kay, Zoe Kyle, Ashley Mares, Ashley Mayes, Lauren Metcalf, Maisyn Moore, Jericho Newman, Blaine Ramsey, Josh Thomas, Braylin Umbrell, and Ke’Maria Wilson