JP Pct 4 Issues Order Regarding COVID-19, Effective Through May 1st

March 23, 2020 - In light of the announcements, recommendations, orders, and pronouncements from the Texas Supreme Court, The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Office of Court Administration, the Texas Justice Court Training Center, the Center of Disease Control and the Texas Department of Health Services regarding the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), Justice of the Peace, Precinct Four, Shelby County, Texas hereby issues the following order. This order is hereby issued to protect the community, limit exposure, provide for an efficient judicial system, as well as protect the court staff, the public, defendants, parties, attorneys, jurors, and any others that may be involved.

This Order will remain in effect unless any of the Texas or U.S Officials issue a disaster declaration the Supreme Court or its delegates authorize new rules during the disaster, in which case a new order (or a revised order), for the Shelby County Justice Court will be issued accordingly to the declaration and rules. If the Office of Court Administration issues updated guidance, this Order will be amended.

The Texas Supreme Court and Criminal Appeals Court of Texas have issued an Emergency Order. The order states that all courts in Texas in any case, civil or criminal, may take certain measures, and must do so, to avoid the risk of exposure to court staff, the public, attorneys, jurors. and others involved. These measures include modifying or suspending any and all deadlines and procedures, and without a participant's consent. It also includes taking any reasonable actions to avoid exposing court proceedings to the threat of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

For this reason, all scheduled court proceedings prior to May 1, 2020, except for 'essential court proceedings', will be reset to another date after MAY 1, 2020. If you have a case that has been set for hearing or trial before May 1, 2020, you will be notified of the date and time your case is reset for.

Please note that Civil cases may be filed, but will not be fully processed until after the Orders are lifted, which at this time is May 1, 2020. This includes Eviction suits. Any pending Eviction suits will be postponed and reset after the Governor's State of Disaster has been lifted.

Anyone who must conduct business with the Justice of the Peace Court are encouraged to do so by phone, mail, or email or fax. To contact the JP office, contact information is (phone) 936-248-4001, 936-572-3040, (fax) 936-248-4002, or (mail) P.O. Box 902, 140 Ed Wall Street, Tenaha, Texas 75974. Traffic citations that are issued during this timeframe will be extended and given a May 1. 2020 or later appearance date. Any appearance dates that fall during the active dates of this Order can contact the court for extensions, questions and concerns. Payments can be made online at or by calling 1-800-444-1187. Or by mailing in a MONEY ORDER payable to SHELBY COUNTY JP 4 and mailed to P 0. Box 902 Tenaha, Texas 75974.