Lil' Dragons, Ultimate Martial Art Students Achieve New Ranks

July 7, 2022 - Lil' Dragons Testing! On June 10, 2022, students at Self Defense America in Center TX tested and passed to their next level. Showing striking, blocking, kicks and self defense techniques; they did an awesome job! May I present the following as pictured:

Left to Right: Liam Peterson (Yellow stripe), Korbin Samford (Purple stripe), Joey Barton (Green stripe) and Mercedes Strain (Purple Stripe). Congratulations to you all for a job well done.

In Ultimate Martial Arts and to move on to their next belt level, during this testing they are required to show all techniques in striking, blocking, kicking, terminology, self defense and board breaking. They must know from white up to their current rank. We are proud to present to you the following students in photo:

Back row: Richy Ken (3rd Red), Ace Barton (7 Green), James Martin (9 Yellow) and Wyatt Foster (5 Blue). Front Row: Aeris Hagar (8 Orange), Benjamin Wagner (7 Green), and Easton Permenter (7 Green). Congratulations! Hard work pays off!