Local Holocaust Survivor Hans Polk to Speak at TAGHS August Meeting

August 15, 2016 - Within six days of the Nazi invasion of The Netherlands in 1943, Hans Polk was an orphan, his parents executed because they were Jews. Thus commenced an incredible saga of hardship, courage, and survival that began when neighbors risked their lives to hide Hans from the Nazis. Much like Anne Frank, who was in hiding a short distance from where Polk lived, Hans lived in constant fear that he would be discovered and sent to a concentration camp. Unlike Frank, however, he escaped detection. His amazing and inspiring story leads from The Netherlands, to Israel, and finally to the United States and eventually, Shelby County. 

 The Timpson Area Genealogical and Heritage Society invites everyone to hear Hans Polk relate his inspiring story at their monthly meeting on August 17 at 2PM in the Timpson Public Library on the corner of Austin and Bremond Streets.