New Traffic Signal Set for Activation in Shelby County (Hurst Street)

June 28, 2022 – A new traffic signal is scheduled to become functional later this week on US 96 in Shelby County.

The signal, located on US 96 at Foster Road in Center, is scheduled to be activated Thursday, weather permitting. Message boards have been placed indicating the new signal for motorists to observe as they approach the intersection.

The project was approved by the Texas Transportation Commission in August 2021 following a traffic study that was performed in May 2020. Traf-Tex, Inc., Houston TX, has served as contractor for the $200,000 construction project. The project was funded by TxDOT’s Road to Zero program, which is part of the End The Streak safety initiative.

As this signal is activated, motorists are urged to stay alert to signage and other vehicles in the area. Reduce speed and be prepared to stop. Fines are enforceable once the signal is activated.