November Students of the Month for Joaquin Elementary

November 9, 2018 - Included here is each grade level's November Student of the Month for Joaquin Elementary! 


Adam Putnam is the Pre-K Student of the Month for November because he works very hard and he is very helpful to his friends and his teachers. Adam likes to go to the library center and his best friend is Connor. Adam wants to be a hog hunter like his dad when he grows up! Way to go Adam!

Jansen Lightfoot was chosen as the Kindergarten Student of the Month for November. Jansen is 5 years old and loves to play with his train and train tracks. His favorite part of school is when he goes to recess with his friends and he loves to learn about math. When he grows up he hopes to be a firefighter.


Bella Carroll was chosen as the 1st grade Student of the Month for November. Bella always does her best and is helpful to others in class. Bella’s favorite subject is reading & her favorite color is pink. Her favorite food is Mac and Cheese and her favorite book is “Ready, Set, Boo!”

Braxton Weir is the 2nd grade Student of the Month for November. Braxton loves to eat cheese pizza. He enjoys reading. His favorite reading series is about a dog named Marley. His favorite subject is spelling. He loves to play with his brother’s pig at home. He also has a goat named, Dynamite, that he shows with the Joaquin FFA. When Braxton grows up he wants to be a cowboy.


Hello, my name is Sean Fry and I have been chosen as the 3rd grade Student of the Month for November! To tell you a little bit about myself, my favorite food is spaghettios, my favorite color is dark green, and my favorite movie is Ferdinand. After school, I like to play my X-Box. My favorite subject in school is math because it is fun and I learn a lot from it. I am happy to be selected as Student of the Month because it makes me see that good things are worth working for.

The 4th grade Student of the Month for November is Lucas Byrd. He was chosen because he always has a positive attitude and is a friend to all students. Lucas likes to play baseball and watch sports on TV. His favorite food is pizza. Lucas's favorite thing about school is math.

My name is Chris Corder and I was chosen as the 5th grade Student of the Month for November by my teachers. I have one brother and one sister, Sarah and Jorden. I love to eat pizza. My favorite sport is football. My favorite subject is math. I have 4 dogs: Sassy, Tank, Snoopy, and Faith. I love to play with my pets and go bowling. On Halloween, I like to carve pumpkins and eat pumpkin pie.