Rider Tennis Teams Earn District Championship

April 14, 2021 - Varsity and JV team points earned the Riders District Championship overall in both Boys and Girls. Go Riders!!!

All 1st and 2nd place Varsity District finishers will compete in the Region tournament April 26-27 at Bryan HS.

Varsity results (***Advanced to Regionals)

Boys singles:
Lance Holloway - 2nd place ***
Ryan Jones - 4th place

Girls singles:
Arista Lee - 4th place
Kelly Bridges - 9th place

Boys doubles:
Ian Williams / JackCallen Watlington - 1st place ***
Ethan McElroy / Connor McCauley - 4th place

Girls doubles:
Emilee Elliott / Sarah Scull - 1st place ***
Sayre Hall / Reese Cockrell - 2nd place ***

Mixed doubles:
Zac Denby / Lanie Hooks - 2nd place ***
Collin Jones / Brooke Gaddy - 3rd place

Junior Varsity results

Boys singles:
Braiden Walker - 2nd place
Ryker Tomlin - 3rd place

Girls singles:
Jalen Postell - 1st place
Gracie Burch - 3rd place

Boys doubles:
Charlie Corbell / Hunter Cooper - 2nd place
Nathan Creech / Ryan Arndt - 3rd place

Girls doubles:
Kaylee Olivas / Kate Ford - 2nd place
Autum Andrusick / Emilie Rojas - 3rd place

Mixed doubles:
John Ford / Chloe Rachal - 2nd place