Shelby County Commissioners' Court Jan. 15th Special Meeting Agenda

January 10, 2020 - Notice is hereby given that a Special meeting of the Governing body of the Shelby County Commissioners’ Court will be held on the 15th day of January, 2020 at 9:30 a.m. in the Courtroom of the Shelby County Courthouse at 200 San Augustine Street, Center, Shelby County, Texas to deliberate and consider action on the following items:

1. Approve and pay weekly expenses.

2. Approve Officers Report.

3. Public comments on Agenda item.

4. Discuss and possibly accept Jake Metcalf Constable Pct. 4 resignation and affidavit waving any compensation.

5. Tax Assessor-Collector Debora Riley, to request purchase of PC towers for Tax Office.

6. Debora Riley to request Annual Service Support with Harris Govern to be reviewed and possibly accepted. 

7. Recognize Tax Abatement Agreement between Tyson Farms QOZB, LLC and Shelby County.

8. Approve Resolution Declaring Shelby County to be a Second Amendment Sanctuary County.

9. Discuss and possibly approve new Reimbursement Policy.

10. Adjourn.