Shelby County Commissioners' Court Regular Meeting, Mar. 10 Agenda

March 5, 2021 - Notice is hereby given that a Regular meeting of the Governing body of the Shelby County Commissioners’ Court will be held on the 10th day of March, 2021 at 9:30 a.m. in the Courtroom of the Shelby County Courthouse at 200 San Augustine Street, Center, Shelby County, Texas to deliberate and consider action on the following items:

1. Approve the minutes of the February 10, 2021 Regular meeting, February 24, 2021, Special meeting of the Shelby County Commissioner’s Court.

2. Approve and pay weekly expenses.

3. Approve Officers Reports.

4. Public comments on Agenda item.

5. Discuss and possibly repair the foyer of the Courthouse Annex which will complete the elevator installation project.

6. Discuss and possibly approve the purchase of software for the County Attorney’s Office.

7. Discuss and possibly take action to replace the Courthouse sign that was damaged during Hurricane Laura. 

8. Mr. Joe Johnson to address the court on making Private Road Bussey Lane in to a County Road.

9. Open sealed bids on road maintenance materials for Shelby County.

10. Record Racial Profiling Report for the Shelby County Sheriff's Office.

11. Discuss and possibly approve participation in the TAC CyberSecurity required annual training for 2021. This training is mandatory under state law, Texas Government Code 2054.5191, effective June 14, 2019, for all Elected County Officials and any local government employee who has access to a local government computer system or database.

12. Discuss and possibly appoint Course Administrator(s).

13. Adjourn.