Shelbyville HS UIL Teams Compete at San Augustine Invitational Meet

January 12, 2015 - The Shelbyville High School UIL Academic team competed at the San Augustine Invitational Meet on Saturday, January 10th.

Medalists include:

 Odalis Martinez – 4th place
 Vivian Mendoza – 6th place

Accounting Team:
 Courtney Bass, Odalis Martinez, Vivian Mendoza – 2nd place

Computer Science:
 Derek Arndt – 3rd place

 Altobeli Caporali – 2nd place
 Harlie Hagler – 4th place
 Derek Arndt - 5th place

Mathematics Team:
 Harlie Hagler, Derek Arndt, Altobeli Caporali – 1st place

Number Sense:
 Harlie Hagler – 3rd place
 Altobeli Caporali – 6th place

Number Sense Team:
 Harlie Hagler, Ty Fox, Altobeli Caporali – 1st place
Current Issues & Events:
 Jake Bragg – 1st place
 Kennedey Parker – 2nd place
 Dee Osby – 4th place

Current Issues & Events Team:
 Jake Bragg, Dee Osby, Kennedey Parker – 1st place

Editorial Writing:
 Kylee Windham – 1st place
 Tristan Smith – 3rd place

Feature Writing:
 Kylee Windham – 1st place
 Tori Gilchrist – 4th place
 Bobby Vandrovec – 6th place

Headline Writing:
 Kylee Windham – 1st place
 Sam Windham – 2nd place
 Tristan Smith – 4th place

News Writing:
 Kylee Windham – 1st place
 Tori Gilchrist – 3rd place
 Bobby Vandrovec – 4th place

Ready Writing:
 Hannah Nicosia – 1st place
 Kylee Windham – 2nd place
 Tristan Smith – 3rd place
 Tori Gilchrist – 5th place
Informative Speaking:
 Harlie Hagler – 1st place
 Skylar Sigler – 5th place

Lincoln-Douglas Debate:
 Skylar Sigler – 5th place

Literary Criticism:
 Hannah Nicosia – 1st place

Persuasive Speaking:
 Savannah Talbert – 1st place

Poetry Interpretation:
 Madison Taylor – 1st place
 Kamaryn Smith – 2nd place

Prose Interpretation:
 Danie Hancock – 1st place
 Hannah Hall – 2nd place,
 Kaitlin Campbell – 3rd place

Social Studies:
 Dee Osby – 5th place

Spelling & Vocabulary:
 Altobeli Caporali – 1st place