Shelbyville ISD Teacher of the week: Claire Windham

September 28, 2018 - This weeks teacher of the week is Mrs. Claire Windham. She has been teaching since 1989, and before teaching she was a student. She wanted to teach Shelbyville because that’s where her kids went and it looked like a good community to work in. She sponsors the journalism, ready writing, and one act play UIL teams, and is very successful. She likes to read and spend time with her dogs, ducks, and cats. Her favorite sports are football and basketball. Mrs. Windham says that her biggest role models in life have been her parents and grandparents. Her favorite part of working at Shelbyville is the staff and students because of how nice and welcoming they are. She wants all of her students to be more confident when they read and write, but also when they do any other things in life. Her life advice to students is to enjoy life and yourself. She says being teacher of the week makes her feel appreciated and it’s fun and exciting.