Shelbyville ISD Teacher of the Week: Michelle Peña

October 30, 2018 - The Shelbyville Varsity Football team selected Michelle Peña as Teacher of the Week.

Ms.Peña has been teaching for three years. She was a student before she started teaching. She wanted to teach at Shelbyville because it was a small school and it was close to SFA, which was convenient for her Master’s Degree. She is the yearbook advisor, a junior sponsor, and the UIL spelling coach. Her hobbies include sleeping, watching movies, and reading. Her favorite sports are Basketball and Softball. Her role models are her older sisters. The best part of working at Shelbyville is the awesome staff and getting to know the students better. She wishes that her students take from her class the ability to understand sarcasm and to be open to different cultures and people in the world. Her life advice for her students is to be kind to one another and if you have the opportunity to travel, it doesn’t matter where, take it. She says it feels surprising, but awesome to be teacher of the week and wants to thank the football team for thinking of her.