Solar System Inspires Shelbyville Student's Creation

Pictured are (center) I’Morion McClelland, (right) Mike Furlow, S.W. Carter Elementary Principal and (left) Concynthia Garrett, I’Morion’s Mom.September 27, 2016 - An inspired Shelbyville student explores the Solar System and shares his creation with classmates and teachers.

I’Morion McClelland, a 4th grade student at S.W.Carter Elementary, expressed great interest in the Solar System at the end of school last year. His mother bought a book on the solar system for him.

After looking at the book, I’Morion told his Mom that he wanted to build a solar system. He looked up information on each planet and applied the information, size, color, shape, and moons to each planet. With the guidance of his sister, I’Morion built a model of the solar system. I’Morion’s solar system has been viewed by several classes in the elementary.