TAGHS January Meeting Welcomes Guest Speaker Wolfe

January 17, 2022 - Timpson Area Genealogy and Heritage Society will welcome Ronnie Wolfe as the group's speaker on Wednesday, January 19, at 2pm in the Timpson Public Library annex. 

Mr. Wolfe grew up as the son of sharecroppers and raised tomatoes to put himself through college. He will share the story of his family and the various properties on which they lived. Some people might consider this background to be one of disadvantage, but the experiences and lessons learned equipped Mr. Wolfe to live successfully. 

A teacher of mathematics, he is also a farmer and rancher. Mr. Wolfe is also a musician and he pursues  interests such as basketweaving and gunsmithing.

The public is invited to attend. Mr. Wolfe's story is one that will remind us, especially our young people, about how hard work and perseverance paves the way for success.