Tenaha Elementary School 2018-2019 Awards

June 2, 2019 - Tenaha Elementary students celebrated their accomplishments at the annual end of the year awards program held Tuesday, May 28th.

Perfect Attendance medals were awarded to (left to right) Aidyn Thomas, Trinity Berry, Jace Estes, Bryan Solorzano, Jocelyn Aguilar, Damian Escalante, Bryce Fountain, Evelyn Galvan, Waylon George, D’Kayden Moore, Fallon Thomas, and Eddie Borona.

All A’s 1st Grade (left to right) Tuff Belrose, Trinity Berry, Caitlyn Cassell, Kendyll Cato, Jace Estes, Gracie Hicks, Evan Orozco, Hadley Sims, and pictured below Kason Dominguez.

Kason Dominguez - All A’s 1st grade.

All A’s 2nd Grade (left to right) Kaidynce Polley, Aidan Tyner, and Kyron Giles.

All A’s 3rd Grade pictured above (left to right) Jocelyn Aguilar, Nancy Flores, and Michael Loredo.

A & B Honor Roll (pictured above in no particular order): (1st grade) Seydi Colin Gomez, Summer George, Aidyn Thomas, (2nd grade) Vanity Briseno, Jocelynn Gonzalez, Jacqueline Mendoza, Jaelyn Pecina, Isabella Perales, Bryan Solorazano, Gracie Swann, Gisel Vazquez, Farris Warr, (3rd Grade) Eli Bush, Miriam Flores Espinoza, Jason Flores, Julian Fountain, Jaya Johnson, Dalinda Segovia, Cameron Shofner, Sophia Watson, Evelyn Galvan, (4th grade) JP Farmer, Cameron Fleming, Ramon Flores, Emely Hernandez, Jonathan Ramirez, Kimberly Tovar, Calvin Dagley, (5th grade) Eddie Barona, Decaden Cooks, Arianna Dagley, Emily Galvan, Alondra Gonzalez, Macee Henry, Arieunna Horton, Aaron Plata, Luis Ramirez, Karen Reyna, and Cade Sims. 

Accelerated Reading Stars: (pictured left to right) Kaitlyn Cassell, Ky’ron Giles, Nancy Flores, Jocelyn Aguilar, JP Farmer, and Aaron Plata.

Students earning UIL awards were (not in any particular order pictured above): Kaidynce Polley - Creative Writing 3rd Place, Nancy Flores - Storytelling 4th Place, Macy Henry - Dictionary 5th Place, A'Rianna Dagley - Number Sense 5th Place, Maps, Graphs, & Charts 6th Place, Jason Flores - Spelling 6th Place, Michalel Loredo-Torres - Spelling 6th Place, Adrian Ramirez - Maps, Graphs, & Charts 6th Place- Brooklynn Swann – Listening 6th Place, Azion Gentry - Spelling 6th Place, Jaya Johnson - Ready Writing 6th Place, Spelling Team 2nd Place- Calvin Dagley, Richard Dempsey, and Azion Gentry, Maps, Graphs, & Charts Team 2nd Place- A'Rianna Dagley, Emily Galvan, and Adrian Ramirez, Spelling Team 3rd Place - Jocelyn Aguilar, Jason Flores, and Michael Loredo-Torres, Number Sense Team 3rd Place -A'Rianna Dagley, Arieunna Horton, and Adrian Ramirez, Number Sense Team 3rd Place- JP Farmer, and Emely Hernandez, Music Memory Team 3rd Place- Sarita Flores, Emliy Galvan, and Macee Henry, Aaron Plata, and Aranza Santos, Music Memory Team Grade 3/4 - 3rd Place Kendilyn Bell, Cameron Fleming, Azion Gentry, Kianna Norris, and Conon Warr, and Dictionary Team 3rd Place -Macy Henry, Arieunna Horton, and Cade Sims.

Math Stars Awards were given to (left to right) 5th Grade-Adrian Ramirez, 5th Grade Cade Sims, 5th Grade-Eddie Barona, 1st Grade-Tuff Belrose, 3rd Grade, 2nd Grade-Bryan Solorzano, Michael Loredo, 4th Grade-Kianna Norris.

Grades 1-3 Robotics Awards (front row left to right) Nancy Flores, Trinity Berry, Jace Estes, Caitlyn Cassell, Evan Orozco, Ky’ron Giles, (back row left to right) Michael Loredo, Bryce Fountain, Kaidynce Polley, Sophia Watson, Aidan Tyner, Cameron Shofner, and Jocelyn Aguilar.

4th and 5th Grade Robotics Awards (left to right front row) Cameron Fleming, Macee Henry, Emily Hernandez, Kimberely Tovar, Aaron Plata, Johnathan Ramirez, (back row, left to right) Kendilyn Bell, JP Farmer, Arieuanna Horton, A’Rianna Dagley, Adrian Ramirez, and Cade Sims.

5th Grade Band Awards went to (left to right) Aaron Plato, Arianna Dagley, Julissa Rico, Emily Galvan, and Karina Corpus.

Special Olympics Awards (pictured left) Karen Reyna, (Tra Scourton-assisting student), Alex Flores, (Michelle Bellamy-assisting student) and

(Special Olympics Awards continued) Stefany Maya (Judy Monroe-assisting student).

Tenaha ISD Police Chief, David Jeter, awarded Citizenship Awards to (left) Julia Beatriz and (right) Isabella Perales.