Tenaha HS Baseball Honor Bat Boy DePriest

April 8, 2015 - The Tenaha Tigers traveled to Gary with heavy hearts to take on their district rival Gary Bobcats. Only a few days after losing a cherished team member, bat boy, Cole DePriest. Cole, the son of Coach David DePriest and wife Colette Cross DePriest, was a much loved and integral part of the team. Tenaha played with purpose and brought home a victory for Cole. 4 - 3 was the final score but not the end of the story.

Tenaha did not wear their classic Tiger jerseys. Instead every player wore a T with the words "Cole Man" on the front and "DePriest" on the back in memory of and in respect to Cole and his family.

After every game Cole would slide into first or third base depending on which dugout Tenaha occupied. Over and over until you couldn't tell where the dirt stopped and the kid started. After the game, each team member took turns sliding into first base as a symbol of the love they have for Cole and his family.

Tenaha's victory was dedicated to Cole Howard DePriest .....God love and keep you little man.