Tenaha ISD Announces Winners of World Education Games

October 20, 2015 -

Wiist Winners (kneeling in front) Colt Horn, (second row left to rightIterrica Giles, Christiana Sparks,
and Alexis Plata, back row left to right-Nicholas Anderson, Markevion Rasberry and Alexiauna Gentry.

Wiist winners 2 (front row) Collin Cooper, Jatorian Calloway, and Nicholas Watson (back row) Jared Tovar, Wesley Woder, Luke Linebarger and Hayden Jenkins.

Last week, Tenaha ISD students in 8th Grade Math and 6th Grade Math Enrichment were registered to participate for the first time in the World Education Games, hosted from Sydney Australia by 3P Learning.

The World Education Games (WEG) is the world’s largest education event with approximately 5 million students (ages 4 to 18) from 30,000 schools in 200 countries, territories and principalities participating this year.

The event was established in 2007 with the founding of World Maths Day, and has since grown exponentially each year. It is and always will be a free, all inclusive event for schools and students around the world to participate in. This year, students competed in three events: World Math Day, World Literacy Day and World Science Day. This year’s World Education Games 2015 was the first contest to take place since the games became a biannual event in 2013 (there was no event in 2014). They will be scheduled to take place again in 2017. More information about the event can be found at www.worldeducationgames.com.

Tenaha students had access to the three online event areas (math, literacy and science) starting on October 1st for warm-up, on their own time. The “live” global competition period ran from October 13th to 15th. Tenaha students were able to compete using our Elementary computer lab, under the supervision of Mrs. Teresa Wiist and Coach Nick Jones. The games were an exciting online challenge as Tenaha students competed academically against students from all around the world. Students could only count points earned in their first 20 matches for each event. This year’s event also has a closure period from October 16th through the 31st where registered students can continue practicing in the three academic areas.

Just by correctly and quickly answering questions, students worldwide earned 169,474,201 UNICEF Points this year which were converted into money that will directly support UNICEF education programs in areas globally where class and school resources are desperately needed. Tenaha ISD had 54 students participating and they earned a total of 51,311 points.

Since this was Tenaha ISD’s first year to participate, we did not have any students place in the top 100 Hall of Fame globally. However, one 8th grade student, Wesley Woder came VERY close in the science event by scoring 185 points. The 100th place global winner, in Wesley’s grade level, scored 240 points.

The results for the top three places of our Tenaha ISD school-wide competition in each event are provided as follows:

Overall (8th Grade)
Jared Tovar:  2,730 points
Wesley Woder:  2,401 points  
Nicholas Watson:  1,962 points

Math (8th Grade)    
Jatorian Calloway:  377 points     
Kale Page:  296 points     
Hayden Jenkins:  268 points

Literacy (8th Grade)    
Jared Tovar: 2,372.46 points   
Wesley Woder:  1,961.71 points   
Nicholas Watson:  1,648.31 points

Science (8th Grade)    
Wesley Woder:  185 points     
Collin Cooper:  140 points     
Luke Linebarger:  132 points

Overall (6th Grade)     
Colt Horn: 2,500 points     
Iyterrica Giles: 2,498 points     
Alexis Plata:  2,455 points

Math (6th Grade)    
Trindon Claiborne:  390 points     
Christiana Sparks: 313 points     
Iyterrica Giles: 305 points

Literacy (6th Grade)    
Alexis Plata:  2,346.06 points     
Colt Horn: 2,132.66 points     
Iyterrica Giles: 2,104.94 points

Science (6th Grade)     
Alexiauna Gentry: 106 points     
Nicholas Anderson: 92 points     
Iyterrica Giles: 88 points

Markevion Rasberry: 88 points