Tenaha ISD Board Approved Revisions to 2015-2016 Calendar

February 19, 2016 - The Tenaha ISD Board of Trustees have approved revisions to the 2015-2016 (current year) School Calendar.  The current school year will now end on May 20th in accordance to House Bill (HB) 2610:

House Bill (HB) 2610, passed by the 84th Texas Legislature, amends Texas Education Code (TEC), §25.081, by striking language requiring 180 days of instruction and replacing this language with language requiring districts to provide at least 75,600 minutes of instruction, including intermissions and recess.

Tenaha ISD will release school at 11:30 on May 20th.  The dates for Graduation and Tiger Fest will remain the same.  (See below for important dates in May.)

Testing Schedule for May:
May 3-Algebra I End Of Course Exam
May 4-Biology End of Course Exam
May 5-US History End of Course Exam
May 9-STAAR Math for grades 3,4,6 & 7 and Grades 5 & 8 Re-Test
May 10-STAAR Reading grades 3,4,6 & 7, Eng. III, and Grades 5 & 8 Re-Test
May 11-STAAR Science grades 5 & 8, and Alg. II
May 12-STAAR Social Studies 8th Grade 
Event Schedule for May:
May 10-BETA Induction Ceremony in the Cafetorium at 6pm
May 17-Middle School and Elementary Awards Ceremony in the SEC at 9am
May 17-Awards Banquet in the Cafetorium at 6:30pm
May 19-Tiger Fest (Kindergarten Graduation and 8th Grade Completion Ceremony)
May 20-Senior Scholarship Awards in the SEC at 9:30am
May 20-Early Release at 11:30am and the last student day 
May 23-Summer School/Intervention begins
May 23-High School Robotic Competition
May 26-Senior Graduation Ceremony in the SEC at 7pm

The week of May 23 will begin the Tenaha ISD Summer School/Intervention Program.  This program is designed to provide intervention for students in jeopardy of failing state assessments and for students that have exceeded the number of acceptable absences and are in danger of losing credit or being retained.  If your child will be attending school the week of May 23-May 26 you will be notified.  If your child will be required to attend Summer School (May 23-June 23 for Elementary and Middle School and May 23-July 14 for High School) you will be receiving notification.  

Tenaha ISD feels that the changes made to the school calendar will greatly benefit our students.  If you have questions regarding the changes to the School Calendar please do not hesitate to contact Linda Jacobs, Principal Grades PK-5 or Judy Monroe, Principal Grades 6-12