Tenaha ISD Declares School to Enter One Week of Fully Remote School

October 9, 2020 - We knew that when this school year began, it would be met with challenges. After eight weeks of school, our Tiger students and staff have done an amazing job of handling school AND doing their part to mitigate Covid-19. Across the nation, organizations are facing tough decisions at this moment as Covid-19 infections have surged yet again. It’s a real virus... people get sick... but the worst part of this virus, is that it is spreading.

With that said, this virus has hit our staff relatively hard this week. We do have a handful of active student cases, and another chunk of the student population in quarantine for family members; but, we are down over a dozen staff members due to either infection or close contact quarantine.

So... reluctantly... I am declaring that Tenaha ISD enter into fully remote school for next week, October 12-16. All grades moving to online for one week... Hopefully, that will allow folks to get well who are already in quarantine and may slow the exposure rate. We will try and keep all other school activities functional in their respective “bubbles” much like they did back in July the last time this virus surged.

Our goal in dealing with Covid-19 and school has not changed. We knew from day one it would not be preventable. Our goal is mitigate outbreak and spread. Luckily, we have the remote option available to us. I fully recognize that any decision in regards to Covid is debatable and open to criticism. I trust my staff and administration team to have the proper instincts for the situation and I trust my instincts as well.

Hang in there Tigers... we can do this... Let’s take a little Fall Break in house next week and see everyone back on Monday, October 19.

Scott Tyner