Tenaha ISD Extends Remote Instruction for the Week

Tenaha ISD family,

February 16, 2021 - Tenaha Schools will remain on “Remote Instruction” for the remainder of this week. We will return to regular on campus learning on Monday, February 22.

All playoff basketball games are being rescheduled and moved. Currently the girls are scheduled for Thursday in Cushing but we are fully aware that the current weather situation is unprecedented. We are basically considering changes up to the minute.

Parents, please do not over worry about “remote instruction.” The best assignment any of us at the school can give is this:

1) Stay warm and safe.
2) Enjoy your family and spend time looking after each other.
3) Play in the snow. It may be a lifetime before we see this again. The lessons learned by smiling with family playing in the snow are more impacting than any math or reading assignment.

We will get caught up when we return next week. This is a time to focus on the things in our world that really matter. Find warmth, find joy, be safe!