Tenaha ISD Students Participate in The World Education Games

October 15, 2015 - Tuesday, in our time zone, Tenaha ISD 6th and 8th graders joined students all over the world to participate in World Math Day, World Literacy Day, and World Science Day competitions. Students signed into their topic choice on the three sites and began completing their 20 games in each event. “We're now halfway through the World Education Games (WEG) “live” period. So far over 3 MILLION individual challenges have taken place across the event, world-wide,” stated Tenaha’s 6th and 8th grade Math teacher, Teresa Wiist.

Wednesday was forecast to be the biggest and busiest day yet, with millions of students expected to log in and participate. So far, almost 100 MILLION UNICEF points have been earned by students - a huge amount at this stage of the competition. This means that students around the world have worked to contribute over 75 Schools-in-a-Box so far. For every 5000 UNICEF points earned by students during the World Education Games, 3P Learning will donate $1 towards supported education projects. The more points earned by our students during this live competition, the more students we can support in struggling countries worldwide. Students at Tenaha are doing their part to add hundreds of points during the three day event.

Only points from students first 20 games for each competition (math, literacy, and science) will be counted towards their WEG score. Each competition has pre-set gaming levels. Students can play at any level, but compete at specific levels to earn WEG points. This makes the competition fair for students of all ages. The final results for Tenaha students will be reported after the games have finished. Students can continue to use their log-in information after the live games have finished. This will help students to master math, literacy, and science skills.