Tenaha ISD Students Place in Top 25 In Math Contest (Updated)

October 23, 2018 - There were 149 students participating from across Region 7 for the Fall Region 7 Sumdog Math Contest. Seventeen Tenaha ISD students, in grades 6 through 8, placed in the top 25 students!!!

From left (Standing): Tyson Jenkins - 1st place; Jessica Aguilar - 3rd place; A'Jeuanna Moore - 4th place; Misael Hernandez - 5th place; Christal Sparks - 6th place; Caden Sowell - 9th place; I'Tiyanna Dagley - 10th place; La'Taejha Steadman - 11th place; (Kneeling) Ja'Tyrian "Pooh" Moore - 12th place; Nehemias Prado - 13th place; Paris Cooks - 14th place; Dawson Williams - 16th place; Michael Santana - 18th place; Melissa Flores - 21st place; and Tatyana Adams - 25th place. Not Pictured are Leonardo Martinez - 15th place and Callianna Cassell - 24th place.

Mrs. Wiist’s 6th, 7th and 8th grade math classes recently competed in the Region 7 Sumdog Math Fall Contest from October 5th through the 11th. Students from several schools across Region 7 participated in the fall contest. Overall, 149 students answered 29,693 questions correctly. Each correct response counted as 1 point toward the contest, and students were allowed up to 1,000 contest questions each. Students were ranked based on how many of those questions were answered correctly. In case of a tie, the speed per question was used to break those ties.

A daily winner was announced at the end of each contest day as well as a daily leader board for individual scores. Our daily winners for the contest, which ran from Friday at 8 am through the following Thursday at 8 pm, were: 

  • Friday, October 5th, Mrs. Wiist’s 5th period 7th Grade students with an average of 178 points per participating student
  • Monday, October 8th, Mrs. Wiist’s 7th period 6th Grade students with an average of 67 points per participating student
  • Tuesday, October 9th, Mrs. Wiist’s 3rd period 7th Grade students with an average of 278 points per participating student.

Mrs. Wiist’s 5th period class finished in First Place overall with an average of 524 points per participating student and her 3rd period class finished in Second Place with an average of 331 points per participating student. Irons-Smith Intermediate School, from Big Sandy, finished out the top three with Third Place overall, with an average of 213 points per participating student. The First Place class won a free 6-month (full-access) subscription to the Sumdog Math program and a class party. The Second and Third Place classes each won free 3-month (full-access) class subscriptions.

Seventeen Tenaha students ranked in the top 25 finishers:
1st place - Tyson Jenkins, 7th grade (Points 923)
3rd place - Jessica Aguilar, 7th grade (Points 886)
4th place - A’Jeunna Moore, 7th grade (Points 866)
5th place - Misael Hernandez, 7th grade (Points 856)
6th place - Christal Sparks, 7th grade (Points 849)
9th place - Caden Sowell, 6th grade (Points 834)
10th place - I’Tiyanna Dagley, 7th grade (Points 810)
11th place - La’Taejha Steadman, 7th grade (Points 792)
12th place - Pooh Moore, 7th grade (Points 778)
13th place - Nehemias Prado, 7th grade (Points 742)
14th place - Paris Cooks, 7th grade (Points 670)
15th place - Leonardo Martinez, 7th grade (Points 654)
16th place - Dawson Williams, 7th grade (Points 469)
18th place - Michael Santana, 7th grade (Points 414)
21st place - Melissa Flores, 7th grade (Points 347)
24th place - Callianna Cassell, 6th grade (Points 314)
25th place - Tatyana Adams, 6th grade (Points 297)