Tenaha PD Celebrates Mother's Day with Roses for Moms

May 13, 2019 - The Tenaha Police Department conducted our first annual Roses for Moms in celebration of Mothers Day! Today we tip our hats to ALL the wonderful mothers out there that sacrifice so much and show so much love for their children. Today as Officers volunteered their time, Officers gave roses to mothers we encountered on today's patrols. It was such a blessing and I wish we had more opportunities to meet more mothers. If we didn't get an opportunity to meet you today and give you a rose, we would still like to wish you a very Happy Mothers Day!

As for those mothers we so dearly miss, the Tenaha Police Department has left roses in our Department window in remembrance of mothers who are still in our hearts but no longer with us.

Best stated by the late George Jones "You know there's one person we turn to so many times in our lives. When we need help in our troubles, trials and tribulations we always turn to mamas, and she's the main one and a lot of times we take her, so much for granted."

Chief of Police Jeremy H. Pope
Captain Joey Hudnall
Officer Jonathan Newton
Officer Kurtes Lawrence
Honorary Officer Dave Evans