Tenaha Robotics Headed Back to State

January 22,2015 - Saturday, the Tenaha Robotics team climbed onto the bus at 6:00 A.M. headed to Tyler for the Regional Meet. The Tenaha teams had been working hard getting their robots and programs ready for this meet.

This year the robots were to plant seeds (pvc pipe) allow the seeds to grow (wiffle balls placed on the pipes) and then harvest their crop. Points were awarded for gathering the harvest, carrying the harvest to the barn, and then clean the field by removing the pipes and placing them in the barn as well.

It was a very good day for the Tenaha Robotics teams.

At the Middle School level, the team of Wesley Fox and Andrew Tyner finished 2nd and will be competing at the state meet that will be held on May 2nd.

The team of Kale Page and Kamari Gray finished 3rd and have a good chance of receiving a wild card for the state meet.

The team of Drew Henry and Jalynn Durbin finished in 5th place and the team of Colton Kimbrough, Irvin Barona, and Erik Vazquez finished in 8th place.

At the High School level, the team of Zoee Rogers, Bianca Davison, and Bianca Ramirez finished in 5th place, the team of Miguel Mendoza and Jacob Samford finished 9th and the team of Ruben Hernandez and Hernan Hernandez finished 10th.

Mrs. Farmer, robotics sponsor, stated that she is proud of her robotics students. These students have put in a lot of after school hours preparing for this contest and have been working hard. When we go to these robotics meets our students compete against all schools from all over East Texas with classifications from 2A to 6A. Robotics engages students in complex, strategic problem-solving and higher-order thinking—a set of skills that is a high priority for 21st century education. The Tenaha students showed once again that they are some of the best in Robotics.

Mrs. Farmer would also like to thank the parents of her robotic students for allowing them to participate in the program. She appreciates her students and their parents’ dedication to education.

(Jalynn Durbin and Drew Henry)

(Andrew Tyner and Wesley Fox)

(Hernan Hernandez and Ruben Hernandez)

(Kale Page and Kamari Gray)

(Jacob Samford and Miguel Mendoza)

(Colton Kimbrough, Irvin Barona, Erik Vazquez)

(Bianca Ramirez, Zoee Rogers and Bianca Davison)