Tenaha School Board Regular Meeting Agenda for Mar. 28

March 27, 2023 - A Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees of Tenaha Independent School District will be held March 28, 2023, beginning at 5:30pm in the Boardroom of the Administration Office 138 College Street Tenaha, Texas 75974

The subjects to be discussed or considered or upon which any formal action may be taken are listed below. Items do not have to be taken in the same order as shown on this meeting notice. Unless removed from the consent agenda, items identified within the consent agenda will be acted on at one time.

1. Call to Order and Welcome
2. Public Comment
3. Reports from Administrators
4. District Investment Reports
5. Consider for Approval the Amendments to the District of Innovation Plan to be effective immediately. 
6. Consider for Approval the 2023-2024 TEKS Certification for submission to Texas Education Agency
7. Consider for Approval 2023-2024 Pay Scales
8. Consider for Approval Renewing Contract with Linebarger, Goggan, Blair, & Sampson, LLP for 2023-2024 9. Consider for Approval The Coverage for Student Insurance
10. Consider for Approval the Minutes of the Previous Meeting(s)
11. Consider for Approval Certifying the Superintendent to the Regional Advisory Committee. 
12. Consider for Approval Certification of Unopposed Candidates for the 2023 Board of Trustee General Election
13. Consider for Approval Cancelling the May 6, 2023 General School Board Election and Declare Candidates Appointed.
14. Consider for Approval Certification of Unopposed/Lack ofCandidates for the 2023 Board of Trustee General Election
15. Consider for Approval Cancelling the May 6, 2023 Special School Board Election to Fill a Vacancy
16. Consider for Approval a Resolution Regarding Vouchers, Education Savings Accounts, Taxpayer Savings Grants, and Other Mechanisms that Reduce Public Education Funding
17. Executive Session: District Employees and Officers, Texas Government Code $551.074 and Real Property,
Texas Government Code §551.072
a. Consideration of Assignment, Duties and Responsibilities of Professional Personnel, including Superintendent, Campus Principals, Athletic Director, Teaching and Auxiliary Staff *Resignations and New Hires
b. Consideration ofSuperintendent's Recommendation Concerning Employment of Professional Personnel, Resignations, Non-Renewals, and Terminations:
All Term and Probationary Contract Employees
18. Consideration and Action, if any, Resulting from the Executive Session
*Employment, Resignations, Non-Renewals, New Hire, and/or Discipline
19. Comments by Board Members
(a.)Comments Regarding Current Agenda
(b.) Requests for Future Agenda Items
20. Adjournment