Texas Forest Country Seeks Nominations Annual Silver Bucket, Do-Gooder Awards, Economic Development Summit Date Announced

Texas Forest Country Partnership Silver Bucket Award Criteria 

September 16, 2020 - The Texas Forest Country Partnership is seeking nominations for individuals who have, through their efforts, been a part of enhancing and changing the economic landscape of the 12-county region of the Texas Forest Country Partnership. Those counties include Angelina, Houston, Jasper, Nacogdoches, Newton, Polk, Sabine, San Augustine, San Jacinto, Shelby, Trinity and Tyler. 

The Silver Bucket Award recognizes outstanding achievement by a leader in community involvement and/or economic development.

Please list detailed information for any nominee submitted with a description of the nominee’s efforts/accomplishments.

Please submit all nominees via email to Tanya Dora at tanya@texasforestcountry.com no later than Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Since 1991, the Silver Bucket Award Recipients from the Texas Forest Country Partnership include:

Judge Allen Sturrock (Tyler Co.) – 1991
Dr. Kent Adair (Nacogdoches Co.) – 1992
The Arthur Temple Jr. Family (Angelina Co.) – 1993
Leon Addickes (Sabine Co.) – 1994
Sam Forse Collins (Newton Co.)– 1995
Eugene Koci (Tyler Co.) – 1996
Charles Bright (Nacogdoches Co.) – 1997
C.G. Maclin (Angelina Co.) – 1998
Congressman Jim Turner (Houston Co.) – 1999
Representative Jim McReynolds (Angelina Co.) – 2000
Representative Jerry Johnson (Nacogdoches Co.) – 2001
Bryan Lake (Houston Co.) – 2002
Judge Mark Evans (Trinity Co.) – 2003
Gene Nethery (Sabine Co.) – 2004
Bob Bowman (Angelina Co.) – 2005
Judy McDonald (Nacogdoches Co.) – 2006
Commissioner Todd Staples (Multiple Counties) – 2007
Murphy George (Angelina Co.) – 2008
Congressman Charlie Wilson (Angelina Co.) – 2009
Mayor John Windham (Shelby Co.) – 2010
Dr. Larry Phillips (Angelina Co.) – 2011
Dr. Archie McDonald (Nacogdoches Co.) – 2012
John Booker, Jr. (Sabine Co.) – 2013
Arthur “Buddy” Temple, III (Angelina Co.) – 2014
John Thompson (Polk County) – 2015
Senator Robert Nichols – (Multiple Counties) 2016
Dr. Baker Pattillo (Nacogdoches) – 2017
Betty Oglesbee (San Augustine Co.) - 2019

“Man of the Century” Arthur Temple Jr. - 2000

Texas Forest Country Partnership 2020 “Do-Gooder” of the Year Criteria

The Texas Forest Country Partnership (TFCP) will recognize a “Do-Gooder” of the Year in each of the TFCP twelve counties at the TFCP Economic Development Summit, November 18, 2020. The event will be held virtually this year.

CRITERIA: *We have included a bullet point for a small business or individual who has “given back” during the COVID-19 crisis. THERE WILL BE STRONG 

The deadline for entries is Wednesday, September 30, 2020. EMPHASIS ON THIS!

  • Has given back to a community during the COVID-19 Crisis
  • Located in Your County.
  • If nomination is a business, must be a viable on-going business for one or more years, experiencing growth or stability over its business life.
  • Employs less than 100
  • Provides critical service or product, fills a void in the business community, or has a unique approach to delivery of goods and services.
  • May have overcome diverse or extraordinary circumstances to remain in business.
  • Business/Individual is supportive of community growth sustainability.
  • Is not a governmental agency or municipality.

Businesses/Individuals may nominate themselves.

All nominations must be submitted using the written Entry Form (here) and must be returned by Wednesday, September 30, 2020 to the Texas Forest Country Partnership, PO Box 747, Lufkin, Texas 75902 or by email to tanya@texasforestcountry.com.

  • All applications are confidential
  • Please include at least two photographs for the presentation(more if possible)

Save the Date! Texas Forest Country Economic Development Summit, Wednesday November 18, 2020 (flyer)

Each business/individual selected from the twelve TFCP counties will be invited and recognized at the Texas Forest Country Economic Development Summit, Wednesday, November 18, 2020.