Texian Navy Day

The William Carroll Crawford Chapter of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas encourages its members and fellow citizens to reflect upon an event of historical significance that occurred during the revolutionary period leading up to Texas independence. On Saturday, September 20, Texian Navy Day will be observed as one of the ten Honor Days that receive special recognition each year. 

The Texian Navy had an important role in the War for Independence. Much of the early Texas settlers’ unhappiness involved issues related to high tariffs on goods brought here by merchant ships. As discontent grew, the Texian Navy began to take shape. The first confrontation took place in September 1835 near Velasco between the privateer, San Felipe, and the Mexican cutter, the Correo Mejicano. The Mexican ship unconditionally surrendered; thus, The Texian Navy won its first battle in the War of Independence on the high seas. This event was one month before the first significant land battle of the Texas Revolution at Gonzales. The work of the Texian Navy has long been recognized as a contributing factor to the winning of the Battle of San Jacinto because it prevented the use of ships to bring supplies and men to the Mexican army in Texas.

Our Chapter goal is to inform school and community members of the significance of Texian Navy Day and its role in establishment of the Republic of Texas and the freedom we still enjoy as Texans today. Our hope is that this day, along with all Texas Honor Days, will continue to be remembered and celebrated well into the future. Events to commemorate this day will be encouraged in the Shelby County schools and community members may participate by displaying their Texas flags, discussing the importance of the day with family members and friends and by visiting their public libraries to learn more about the Texian Navy.

William Carroll Crawford Chapter