"They’re Gonna Tell" by Doug Fincher

“They are not busy…they are busybodies…” II Thes. 3:11

May 22, 2023 - One of my daughters was the “tattle tale” of the children.  When Amber heard the others planning something secretive, she’d jump up, strut out of room warning, “I’m telling!”  Thankfully, Amber grew-up trustworthy and can keep a secret!

Keeping a confidence is an impossible chore for some people.  They’re like the man that said, “If I can’t keep it a secret, I’ve got some good friends that can help me”.  And when they say, “I’m sorry to hear that”, they really mean, “I’m happy to hear it and can’t wait to tell it.”

The world is way short on sympathetic listeners.  And the Bible tells us to confess our sins one to another. ….but you’d better not confess them to the wrong person!!  Everyone that hollers “Sweet Jesus” can’t be trusted with our confessions. God hears our confessions, “buries them in the depths of the sea, and remembers them against us no more forever”….but sometimes our “friends” are not so kind.

We laughed at Amber when she’d run in the house announcing “I’m telling”….but those who mishandle confidential information aren’t funny. They won’t say, “I’m telling” like Amber did.  But you can bet your bottom dollar, if you tell them something too juicy to handle:

They’re gonna tell!!!!