Timpson ISD Bear Update: Second Graders Write Letters

 May 11, 2015 - Second Graders Write Letters - Mrs. Iles’ Second Grade Class practiced their letter writing skills by writing letters to Mrs. Burns’ Fourth Grade Homeroom. Mrs. Iles’ students worked very hard on their letters and were very excited to get a response from the fourth graders.

Mrs. Burns’ Fourth Grade Class enjoyed reading the letters from the second graders. They were very excited to respond to the letters they received. This activity has really helped students to see that writing can be fun and it has helped some of our younger students get to know some of our older students. All of these students are anxious to continue with their letter writing until the end of the school year.

Pre-K News - Maxine Bersch Lovern, is 96 years old. She is a professional storyteller. She has written books on storytelling along with her memoirs. Her web page is: http://maxinebersch.com/ Last month she taught storytelling to a group in Virginia. She will be coming to Timpson Elementary School's Pre-K on Tuesday, May 19th at 10:00 a.m. to share a story with students.

Timpson High School Graduation - The 2015 Graduating Class of Timpson High School announces its Commencement Exercises will be on Friday the twenty-ninth of May two thousand fifteen at eight 0'clock in the evening in the gymnasium at the John Herbert Eakin Sports Complex.

Free Tickets to Six Flags Over Texas - The following fourth grade students received a free ticket to Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, TX: Corey Barnes, David Barton, Angel Booker, Halle Burns, Kaitlyn Crockett, James Fabian, D’Chelle Garner, Jacob Horton, Dakota Kolajack, Giselle Manzano, Najala McCollister, Mackenzie Parks, and Jayden Windham. Students had to read 6 hours or more independently and keep a record of what they read and for how long. I am very proud of these students and the time they took to read and improve their independent reading skills. Good job, Fourth Graders!