Timpson ISD Calendar, THS Favorites, Academic Awards, Athletic Awards

May 23, 2016 - Timpson ISD Bear Update

Weekly Calendar of Events

Monday, May 23 – Spring Band Concert & Banquet @ 6:00 p.m. in THS Auditorium

Wednesday, May 25 – Beta trip to Six Flags leaving at 6:00 a.m.
Wednesday, May 25 – Staff Pay Day

Thursday, May 26 – Seniors walk through TES @ 9:30 a.m. – Wear Cap and Gown
Thursday, May 26 – Report cards sent home
Thursday, May 26 – Senior breakfast @ 10:00 a.m. in high school workroom
Thursday, May 26 – End of sixth six weeks
Thursday, May 26 – Last day of school – early dismissal @ 12:30 p.m.
Thursday, May 26 – 8th grade graduation @ 7:00 p.m. in THS gym

Friday, May 27 – THS Graduation @ 8:00 p.m. in the THS gym – Seniors will meet in band hall at 7:15 p.m. wearing cap/gown
Friday, May 27 – Staff workday – Staff lunch @ 11:30 a.m. in TES cafeteria

Mr. & Mrs. THS2016 THS Favorites

  • Mr. THS - Chandler Burgay
  • Miss THS - Bethany Lindgren
  • Best All Around - Hannah Wolf and Jamie Moore
  • Most Likely to Succeed - Cadey Belrose and Isaiah Malloy
  • Most Dependable - Whitley Cantrell and Sheldon Scroggins
  • Most Handsome - Cutter Smith
  • Most Beautiful - Macey Hanson
  • Mr. Personality - Devonta Thompson
  • Miss Personality - Cedesha Curtis
  • Best Dressed - Jon Grogan and Ashlyn Broadway
  • Wittiest - Sage Taylor and Ana de Leon
  • Friendliest - Landan Dunavent and Jessica Sanford
  • Most Athletic - Jordan Osby and Jasmine Rogers
  • Most School Spirit - Nictaeo Scourton and Sara Duke
  • Senior Class Favorite - Chandler Burgay and Jessica Sanford
  • Junior Class Favorite - Taujhmon Earl and Ty’kuirra Bryant
  • Sophomore Class Favorite - Connor Timmons and Jasmine Rogers
  • Freshman Class Favorite - Nictaeo Scourton and McKenzie Burgay

2016 Outstanding Academic Student Achievement Awards

Ms. Dawson
Eng. 1 – Kendall Archer
Eng. 3 – Cutter Smith

Ms. Lack
English II – Karalyn Ramey
English IV – Kiasmin Paige

Ms. Metcalf
Dual Credit English IV – Bethany Lindgren

Mr. Calhoon
World Geo – Dallas Dennis
Government – Dakota Barr
Economics – Vanesa Pacheco

Mr. Rucker
World History – Blake Johnson
U.S. History – Cheyanne Porter

Ms. Sessions
Math Models – Faith Parks
Geometry – Blake Johnson
Pre-Calculus – Rocio Venegas 

Ms. Milo
Spanish 1 – Jakaria Deckard
Spanish 2 – Connor Timmons
Spanish 3 – Hortencia Jimenez

Ms. Sessions
Chemistry – Kristen Lee
Physics – Tyler Morris
IPC – Nictaeo Scourten

Ms. Jourden
Biology – Rebecka Parks
Anatomy & Physiology – Vanesa Pacheo

Ms. Tippett
Touch Data System – Chris Piro
Principles of Business – Kendall Archer 
BIM I – Anna Cuevas 
BIM II – Bethany Lindgren
Data Interactive Media and Multimedia – Karalyn Ramey

Ms. Tomlinson
Algebra I – Makayla Waller
Algebra II – Tyler Morris

Ms. Smith
Art 1 – Kim Lewis
Principal of Human Services – Allysha Stephens
Family Community Services – Nathen Barr
Child Development – Sara Duke
Fashion Design – Chandi Conley
Yearbook – Anna Cuevas & Kiasmin Page

Ms. Conway
Speech – Alexus Wallace
Health – Ty’Kurria Bryant

THS  Athletic Banquet

The Timpson Athletic Booster Club sponsored its annual Timpson High School Athletic Banquet on May 9 at the Good Hope Baptist Church gym. The Mama Bears did a wonderful job decorating the tables and walls. All members of athletic teams were recognized and are listed below. Everyone who helped make this event so special for our deserving athletes is appreciated. A special appreciation goes to Beverly Tippett and C. T. Simpson who work hard each year to make this event special for our athletes.

Kendall Davis - Defensive Newcomer
Bryan Torres - 1st Team Offense, 1st Team Defense
Chandler Burgan - 1st Team Offense, 1st Team Defense
Chris Piro - 1st Team Offense
Hayden Smith - 1st Team Offense, 1st Team Defense
Taujhmon Earl - 1st Team Offense, 1st Team Defense
Nictaeo Scourton - 1st Team Offense
Jordan Osby - 1st Team Defense
Cutter Smith - 1st Team Defense
Devonta Thompson - 1st Team Defense
Hunter Smith - 1st Team Defense, 2nd Team Offense
Jose Mejia - 2nd Team Offense
Jeremy Wagstaff - 2nd Team Offense
Demarcus Gossett - 2nd Team Defense
Brandon Addison - Honorable Mention
Dakota Watts - Honorable Mention
James Moore - Honorable Mention
Trystan Fisher - Honorable Mention
Stephen Upchurch
Brandon Addison

Ana Deleon - Honorable Mention
Kim Lewis
Holly Hughes - Honorable Mention
Jasmine Rogers - Honorable Mention
Hope Milford
Sara Duke - Honorable Mention
Molly Sanford - 1st Team All District
Cedesha Curtis - Honorable Mention
Alexis Wallace - Manager
Tykeria Bryant  - Manager

Dustin Pledger - Regional Qualifier
Jon Grogan

Cheerleaders - Cadey Belrose, Kara Thorne, Tori Cross, Cedesha Curtis, Molly Sanford, Jasmine Rogers, Sara Duke, Macey Hanson, Madelyn Ramsey, Becca Mathis, Hope Milford, Kambry Wallace

Tunnel Crew - Tori Addison, Kayleigh Scroggins, Nathan Barr

Cross Country
Cheyanne Porter - Regional Qualifier
Emily Garcia - Regional Qualifier
Ana Deleon - Regional Qualifier
Cedesha Curtis - Regional Qualifier
Macey Hanson - Regional Qualifier
Molly Sanford - Regional Qualifier
Sara Duke - Regional Qualifier
McKenzie Burgay
Cassidy Clifton
Tori Cross
Ja'Karia Deckard
Tyci Earl
Holly Hughes
Deundria Johnson

Girls Basketball
Tori Cross
Jasmine Rogers - Honorable Mention
McKenzie Burgay - Honorable Mention
Aislynn Kimzey
Ja'Karia Deckard - Newcomer of the year
Sara Duke - Honorable Mention
Macey Hanson
Tootie Bryant - Manager
Destiny Garner - Manager
Kambry Wallace - Manager
(Jr Varsity) - Mille Gentry, Alexus Wallace, Kristyn Rader, Deundria Jackson, Tyci Earl, Emily Garcia, Kambry Wallace - Manager, Destiny Garner - Manager, Tootie Bryant - Manager

Boys Basketball
T.J. Thompson - Honorable Mention
Hunter Smith - Honorable Mention
Chandler Burgay - Honorable Mention
Chris Piro - 2nd Team All District
Trevor Duke
Cade Oswalt
Tyler Morris
Dustin Pledger - Honorable Mention
(Jr Varsity) - Jaden Johnson, Kaeson Gentry, Jordan Osby, Kendall Davis, Brandon Addison, Jon Grogan, Shykeem Washington, Datrien Bendy, Dakota Watts, Decamerin Berry, Nictaeo Scourton, Tudric Wilson

Tori Addison
Holly Hughes - 1st Team All District
Kim Lewis
Molly Sanford - Honorable Mention
Sara Duke - Honorable Mention
Alslynn Kimzey
Jasmine Rogers - Honorable Mention
Kristyn Rader
Jakaria Deckard
Jacey Mullins
Tela Etieviant
Lacy Wagstaff

Baseball (All District Results cannot be released at this time) - Jon Grogan, Timothy Adams, Shane Peveto, Brandon Addison, Jaden Johnson, Blake Johnson, Kaeson Gentry, Chase Clepper, Cutter Smith, Taujhmon Earl, Hunter Smith, Hayden Smith, Chandler Burgay

Girls Track
Ana DeLeon - Regional Qualifier
Cedesha Curtis - Regional Qualifier
Alexus Wallace - Regional Qualifier
Emily Garcia - Regional Qualifier
Cheyanne Porter - Regional Qualifier
Jasmine Rogers - Regional Qualifier
Jakaria Deckard - Area Qualifier
Patience Brannan - Area Qualifier
Macey Hanson
Linsey Culver
Tyci Earl
Ty'Kurria Bryant - Manager
Tori Cross - Manager
Destiny Garner - Manager

Boys Track
Hayden Smith - State Qualifier
Devonta Thompson - State Qualifier
Nictaeo Scourton - State Qualifier
Chandler Burgay - State Qualifier
Datrien Bendy - Regional Qualifier
Kendall Davis - Area Qualifier
Jaden Johnson - Regional Qualifier
James Moore - Regional Qualifier
Chris Piro - Regional Qualifier
Cutter Smith - Regional Qualifier
Jordan Osby - Regional Qualifier
Bryan Torres - Regional Qualifier
Jeremy Wagstaff - Area Qualifier
Jon Grogan
Taujhmon Earl
Trystan Fisher-Karasek
Russell Gibbons
Kamareious Johnson
Kolby Owens
Tydric Wilson
Jose Mejia
Dakota Watts

Blood Drive - Keiosha Brown, Chandler Burgay, Anna Cuevas, Bethany Lindgren, Kiasmin Page, Hayden Ramsey, Sheldon Scroggins, Devonta Thompson, Kara Thorne, Rocio Venegas, Hannah Wolf, Trevor Duke

2015-16 Blood Drive Crew: Cheryl Gossett, Kiasmin Page, Whitley Cantrell, Rocio Venegas, Chandler Burgay, Kara Thorne, Bethany Lindgren