Timpson ISD FFA Banquet Awards, New Officer Installation

May 23, 2016 - The Timpson ISD FFA banquet was held May 10 in the TES cafeteria. Parents, FFA members, school staff and FFA supporters enjoyed a great meal provided by parents of the FFA officers. The 2016-2017 FFA officers were installed and they are Chase Clepper (Student Advisor), Connor Timmons (Sentinel), Kayleigh Scroggins (Reporter), Holly Hughes (Treasurer), Cutter Smith (Secretary), Macey Jo Hanson (Vice President), and Amanda Yates (President).

Leadership Teams 

  • Sr. Quiz - (3rd in District) Connor Timmons, Patrick Upchurch, Bill Belrose, Kylie Whittington
  • Jr. Quiz - (4th in District) Ismael Escabeto, Jacob Searcy, Sadie Ramsey, April Ramsey
  • Sr. Creed - Jamie Moore (1st in District, 6th in Area)
  • Jr. Creed - Ashlynn Lindgren (6th in District)
  • Job Interview - Molly Sanford (1st in District, 5th in Area)
  • Farm Radio - (3rd in District) Chandler Burgay, Haylon Powers, Connor Timmons
  • Public Relations - (4th in District) McKenzie Burgay, Cedesha Curtis, Macey Jo Hanson, Sheldon Scroggins
  • Agriculture Advocacy - (4th in District) McKenzie Burgay, Cedesha Curtis, Macey Jo Hanson, Sheldon Scroggins
  • Jr. Chapter Conducting - (2nd in District) Jacob Searcy, Read Peace, Zach Molloy, April Ramsey, Sadie Ramsey, Ashlynn Lindgren, Koby Grogan
  • Senior Chapter Conducting - (1st in District, 4th in Area) Bethany Lindgren, Haylon Powers, Chandler Burgay, Hayden Ramsey, Kayleigh Scroggins, Ryan Golden, Madelyn Ramsey, Jon Grogan
  • Sr. Skills - (3rd in District) Holly Hughes, Amanda Yates, Cutter Smith, Isaiah Molloy
  • Show Team - Amanda Yates, Logan Yates, Kallie Solomon, Caden Solomon, Baylor Kimbro, Ally Kimbro, April Ramsey, Sadie Ramsey, Haylon Powers, Jaden Johnson, Jon Grogan, Hope Milford, Madelyn Ramsey, Kylie Whittington, Kayleigh Scroggins, Sheldon Scroggins, Bethany Lindgren, Emmy Sigler, Chandler Burgay, McKenzie Burgay, Holly Hughes, Hayden Ramsey, Zachary Jones

Judging Teams

  • Livestock Judging participated at SFA, Robertson County and Area 9 Judging Contests - Holly Hughes, Ashlynn Lindgren, Sadie Ramsey, Hunter Smith, Chase Clepper, April Ramsey (High Point Individual)
  • Wildlife CDE - (2nd, 3rd, and 4th in District; 6th in Area) Chandler Burgay (High Point Individual), McKenzie Burgay, Cutter Smith, Hunter Smith, Hayden Smith, Dustin Pledger, Jamie Moore, Hayden Ramsey, Isaiah Molloy, Macey Jo Hanson, Kylie Whittington.
  • Horse Judging participated in Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston Livestock Show, SFA, and Area 9 Judging contests - Logan Yates, Chandler Burgay, Sheldon Scroggins, Kayleigh Scroggins, April Ramsey, Amanda Yates (High Point Individual)
  • Forage - (2nd in Lower Neches Soil and Water District, 6th place team at Area) Dustin Pledger, Jeremy Wagstaff, Trevor Duke, Hunter Smith, Cutter Smith (High Point Individual)
  • Forestry - (State Contest 20th place out of 52 teams) Dustin Pledger (High Point Individual), Chandler Burgay, Cutter Smith, Hunter Smith
  • Milk participated at SFA and Area IX - Taujhamon Earl, Chelsea Hall, Fabian Martinez, Ryan Golden (High Point Individual)
  • Wool - (2nd in Area, 45th in State) Bethany Lindgren, Haylon Powers, Amanda Yates, Ryan Golden (High Point Individual)
  • Nursery Landscape participated at SFA and Area 9 Contest - Kayleigh Scroggins, Ana Smith, Marc Carroll (High Point Individual)
  • Ag Mech participated at SFA and Area 9 Contest - Hayden Smith, Chase Clepper, Brandon Addison, Isaiah Molloy (High Point Individual)
  • Poultry participated at SFA and Area 9 Contest - Bethany Lindgren, Molly Sanford, Madelyn Ramsey, Connor Timmons (High Point Individual)
  • Tractor Driving - (2nd at Lower Neches Soil and Water District) Conner Hairgrove, Chase Clepper, Isaiah Molloy (High Point Individual)
  • Land Judging participated at Lower Neches Soil and Water District, SFA, and Area 9 Contest - Tristan Hilburn, Ryan Clay Stamps, Zach Molloy, Haylon Powers (High Point Individual)


  • Chapter MVP Award - Hunter Smith
  • Outstanding FFA Supporter - Ronald Lindgren
  • Outstanding Public Speaker - Haylon Powers
  • Outstanding Ag Mech Student - Isaiah Molloy
  • High Sale Belt Buckle - Tydric Wilson (1st place), Samaria Richard (2nd place), DeCamerin Berry (3rd place), Jaden Johnson (4th place), Taujhamon Earl
  • Star Greenhand - April Ramsey
  • Greenhand Degrees - Nicholas Arvello, Trey Box, Datrien Bendy, Decamerin Berry, Manwell Caraway, Linsey Culver, Kendall Davis, Kade Dingler, Landen Dunavant, Shelton Earl, Ismael Escobedo, Jon Grogan, Kobe Grogan, Colton Guttermuth, Chelsea Hall, Tristan Hilburn, Ashlynn Lindgren, Fabian Martinez, Faith Martinez, Zachary Molloy, Jacey Mullins, Jordan Osby, Kolby Owens, Jarrett Page, Reid Peace, April Ramsey, Sadie Ramsey, Mandell Roberts, Nictaeo Scourton, Gabe Smith, Ryan Clay Stamps, Edgar Vargas, Lacy Wagstaff, Tydric Wilson, Jacob Searcy, Anna Smith, Devin Kimsey, Dawson Pyles
  • Star Chapter Award - Madelyn Ramsey
  • Chapter Degrees - Hope Milford, Kylie Whittington, Bryce Cheshire, Nathan Barr, Kaeson Gentry, Jaden Johnson, Rosie Dickie, Macy Jo Hanson, Madelyn Ramsey, Logan Yates, Patrick Upchurch, Samiracle gentry, Zach Jones, Cheyanne Porter, McKenzie Burgay, Connor Hairgrove, Devan LeBlanc, Dakota Watts
  • Lonestar Degree - Cutter Smith, Holly Hughes, Molly Sanford, Chase Clepper, Amanda Yates
  • American FFA Degree - Keaton Bush (Awarded at the National FFA Convention & Expo each year to less than 1% of FFA members making it one of the organization's highest honors. In addition to their degree, each recipient receives a gold American FFA Degree key.) 
  • Outstanding FFA Member - Haylon Powers
  • Outstanding Officer - Sheldon Scroggins
  • Retiring Officers - Chandler Burgay, Bethany Lindgren, Sheldon Scroggin