Timpson MS, Elementary Academic UIL Teams to Compete in District Academic Meet

December 5, 2015 - Timpson ISD Bear Update

Timpson Middle School Academic UIL Teams - Timpson Middle School will compete December 8 and 10 in the UIL District Academic meet in Shelbyville. The student events and teams on the following list. Good Luck Students!

Competing in events on each team are:

6 Art Smart - Celine Bush, Keke Earl, Asher Molloy, Emma Ramsey, and Caden Solomon
7/8 Art Smart - Kayunna Curtis, Korianna Young, Ashton Harris, Harlie Ware
6th Calculator Apps - Shy’kurria Bussey, Keke Earl, Connor O’Brien
7th Calculator Apps - Kayunna Curtis, Jamie Stephens, Korianna Young
8th Calculator Apps - Hannah Fabian, Brittany Hutto, Fabian Martinez
6-8 Chess - Kaden Arvello, Chris Booker, Corey Branton, Kade Dingler
6th Dictionary Skills - Shy’Kurria Bussey, Keke Earl, Carter Ramsey, Emma Ramsey
7th Dictionary Skills - Kayunnia Curtis, Allysa Parks, Jamie Stephens
8th Dictionary Skills - Cetyria Grace, Ashton Harris, Sadie Ramsey
6th Editorial Writing - Celine Bush, Yanelit Garcia, Jake Hanson, Emmy Richardson
7th Editorial Writing-Jaycee Campbell, Ferron Crockett, Claire Johnson, Allysa Parks
8th Editorial Writing - Brittany Hutto, Ashlyn Lindgren, April Ramsey
6-8 Impromptu Speaking - Yanelit Garcia, Trinity Hattaway,
6th Listening - Leonardo Ayala, Celeste Bush, Ashanti Page, Joshua Wagstaff
7th Listening - Connor Lavoie, Allysa Parks, Erica Renick
8th Listening - Tristan Hilburn, Sadie Ramsey, Ryan Stamps
6th Maps, Graphs, & Charts - Celine Bush, Asher Molloy, Caden Solomon
7th Maps, Graphs, & Charts - Jaycee Campbell, Allysa Parks, Erica Renick
8th Maps, Graphs, & Charts - Colton Guttermuth, Jarrett Page, Gabe Smith
6th Math - Shykurria Bussey, Issac Mathis, Carter Ramsey
7th Math - Christian Berry, Ferron Crockett, Tyeshia Johnson
8th Math - Ashton Harris, Brittany Hutto, Fabian Martinez
6-8 Modern Oratory - Claire Johnson, April Ramsey, Kaliegh Timmons
6th Music Memory - Keke Earl, Kealey Horner, Megan Sepulvado, Caden Solomon
6th Number Sense - Shykurria Bussey, Asher Molloy, Carter Ramsey, Emma Ramsey
7th Number Sense - Ferron Crockett, Connor Lavoie, Erica Renick
8th Number Sense - Corey Branton, Kyle Bush, Cade Dingler
6th Oral Reading - Celeste Bush, Celine Bush, Shykurria Bussey, Caden Solomon
7th Oral Reading - Jaycee Campbell, Claire Johnson, Harlie Ware
8th Oral Reading - Kyle Bush, Ashlyn Lindgren, April Ramsey, Kaleigh Timmons
6th Ready Writing - Celine Bush, Yanelit Garcia, Layci Sample, Xander Stephens
7th Ready Writing - Jaycee Campbell, Ferron Crockett, Claire Johnson, Allysa Parks
8th Ready Writing - April Ramsey, Sadie Ramsey, Kaleigh Timmons
7th Science - Connor Lavoie, Kayla Reid, Jamie Stephens
8th Science - Kaden Arvello, Keiunna Perkins, Bradley Young
6th Social Studies - Keke Earl, Kealey Horner, Carter Ramsey
7th Social Studies - Ferron Crockett, Connor Lavoie, Jamie Stephens
8th Social Studies - Colton Gutermuth, Zach Molloy, Reid Peace
6th Spelling - Shykurria Bussey, Carter Ramsey, Layci Sample, Gracie Wagnon
7th Spelling - Ferron Crockett, Connor Lavoie, Korianna Young
8th Spelling - Tristan Hilburn, Fabian Martinez, Ryan Stamps

TES To Compete in UIL Academic Meet - Timpson Elementary School will compete in the UIL Academic Meet Tuesday, December 8 and Thursday Dec. 10 in Shelbyville. Attached are the names of students and the events in which they will compete. Good luck students!

Art Smart 4/5 (Coach Nicole Amos) - Bella Alford, Kaitlyn Crockett, Milca De La Cruz, Mason Ramsey, Quinn Timmons
Creative Writing 2 (Coach Elizabeth Iles) - Honei Christopher, Colbi Ford, Avery Hammers, Brittain Sanders
Dictionary Skills 5 (Coach Stefanie Jamar) - Milca De La Cruz, Haylee Eaves, Ally Kimbro, McKenna Wynn
Listening 5 (Coach April Ramsey) - Keira Curtis, James Fabian, D’Chelle Garner
Maps, Graphs & Charts 5 (Coach Cindy Bush) - Keira Curtis, Nayelli DeLeon, D’Chelle Garner, Giselle Manzano
Music Memory 3/4 (Coach Tammy Sparks) - Dylan Crawford, Diego Garcia, Natalie Johnson, Kadynce Reeves, Kallie Solomon
Music Memory 5 (Coach Tammy Sparks) - Christopher Bockwich, Halle Burns, Gunner Castleberry, Catherine Searcy, Annie Young
Number Sense 4 (Coach Maureen Hunt) - Quantarius Bussey, Kooper Dawson, Yamelit Navarro, Matthew Thorne
Number Sense 5 (Coach Cindy Simmons) - Christopher Bockwich, Gunner Castleberry, Pedro Garcia, Logan Nix
Oral Reading 4 (Coach Melanie Sanford) - Kayden Cooper, Breuuna Gregory, Keelie McDonald, Jalia Scourton
Oral Reading 5 (Coach Teresa Burns) - Halle Burns, Ally Kimbro, Catherine Searcy, Annie Young
Ready Writing 3 (Coach Kim Miller) - Christopher Crockett, Seth Duke, Natalie Johnson, Kadynce Reeves
Reading Writing 4 (Coach Kay Fodge) - Kallie Solomon, Quinn Timmons, McKenley Wynn
Ready Writing 5 (Coach Penny Ramsey) - Alleigh Campbell, Jennifer Diaz, Haylee Eaves, Ally Kimbro
Social Studies 5 (Coach Shannon Reeves) - Hunter Battles, Christopher Bockwich, Giselle Manzano, Najala McCollister
Spelling 3 (Coach James Granberry) - Jackson Campbell, Christopher Crockett, Seth Duke, Lauren Reid
Spelling 4 (Coach Stefanie Jamar) - Shelby Holloway, Mason Ramsey, Mackenzie Smith
Spelling 5 (Coach Leisa Chadwick) - Alleigh Campbell, Kaitlyn Crockett, Jennifer Diaz, Darin Livingston
Storytelling 2 (Coach Syreeta Robinson) - Cody Booker, Megan Gutermuth, Avery Hammers, Paige Molloy
Storytelling 3 (Coach Syreeta Robinson) - Mason Hicks, Natalie Johnson, Kenley Moore, Lauren Reid