Two Sisters From Tenaha Compete for $100,000 Prize

Having Won the $10,000 First Prize, Local Sisters Vie for the Whole Can of Worms!

Tenaha, Texas - January 18, 2015 - Small town sisters Leisa Black Hergert and Miriam Black have made people all across the nation laugh out loud with a hilarious practical joke caught on video. And after this coming Sunday, the sisters might be the ones laughing... all the way to the bank.

Longtime residents of Marshall, Texas know that the Black sisters are funny girls. Thanks to readily available video recorders on phones these days and a desire to play practical jokes from time to time, the sisters turned their funny side into a money making opportunity.

Leisa and Miriam traveled to Los Angeles, California back in August of 2014 and competed for, and ultimately won, the $10,000 prize that earned them a spot in the finals on ABC's America's Funniest Home Videos. Last month the sisters taped the final episode of AFV and are now one of the few people in America who know who the winner of the $100,000 will be. They're bound to silence by the network and bursting at the seams with the secret.

With a family connection to Tenaha, Texas, the sisters have decided to hold a viewing party at the Tenaha High School (138 College Street, Tenaha, Texas) and watch the episode with good family and friends. Who will win the $100,000 prize? You'll just have to watch along with the rest of America this Sunday, January 18th on ABC at 6pm (Central) to find out!