Varsity Cross Country Teams Advance to Regionals

Photo credit: Norriel Barnes

October 11, 2018 - Both Varsity Cross Country teams will attend the regional meet on October 22 at Sam Houston University. 

“I’m ecstatic about both teams advancing,” Head cross country Coach Douglas Boone said. “A lot of people assumed the boys would because of their success last year, but the girls stepped up and took the next step to moving the program forward.”

Varsity boys placed second with a total of 38 points. Senior Alex Huerta placed 2nd (17.09), Junior Jesus Gonzalez placed 5th (17.19), Junior Jonathan Bustos placed 8th (17.46), Sophomore Adrian Huerta placed 10th (18.11), Senior Edwin Morin placed 13th (18.24), Junior Eliseo Delacruz placed 14th (18.31), Sophomore Benjamin Garcia placed 22nd (19.45). 

“I feel really excited because It’s our third year going,” Senior Alex Huerta said. “All we have to do is stay focused and keep our eyes on our prize, which is going to state and finishing top three. I really believe in the girls too, they have came a very long way to just stop at regionals. I believe they can go beyond and make it to state also.”

Varsity girls also placed second with a total of 69 points. Senior Daniela Medina placed 10th (14.13), Junior Jessica Alvarado placed 11th (14.19) Freshman Gracie Whisenant placed 15th (14.48), Sophomore Ally Jones placed 16th (15.01), Junior Angela Morales placed 17th (15.05), Senior Valerie Ramirez placed 26th (16.44), Senior Cheyenne Byrnes placed 30th (17.39). 

“The team still has a lot of room for improvement,” Senior Daniela Medina said. “We need to keep putting effort into what we do and work harder in the future. Overall, I’m very proud of what this years team has accomplished.” 

Junior Varsity runner Leo Alvarado placed 6th (20.44). Middle school boys placed second as a team. Caleb Garcia, Omar Aviles, and Rafael Gonzales all placed in the top 10. Middle school runner Yuliana Garcia placed 8th (11.03).

Daniela Medina (Photo Credit: Norriel Barnes)

Jesus Gonzalez (Photo Credit: Norriel Barnes)

Varsity Girls (Photo Credit: Norriel Barnes)

Center: Alex Huerta (Photo Credit: Norriel Barnes)