By David Swanzy

Clay’s Mound, Graham’s Mills, and Rue: Lost Shelby County Post Offices

April 2, 2016 - Of the seventy-four post offices in Shelby County that ever existed, there are three for which locations have not been identified. In order to complete the task of displaying the locations of all our County post offices for the Spring 2016 issue, the publisher of We the People of Shelby County online magazine solicits its readership to assist. This is rather important to the magazine, whenever it may be accomplished.

Cedar Yard—A 19th Century Rural Community in Shelby County

February 21, 2016 - Although very few citizens of Shelby County know that there were once rural communities in their county named Dolce, Halfway, Thurman, Nettle Ridge, and Star Spring, the community of Cedar Yard is still known by some because they have loved ones buried there. Located only about five miles north of Center, there are the graves of some of our ancestors, dating back to 1848.

DNA Evidence Related to Family History

January 24, 2016 - As we gather documented information about our family history, it is not uncommon to discover that our roots are not what we thought they were. This observation is reflected in a popular commercial aired recently on TV. There we see a person delighted to find, through DNA evidence, that his ethnicity is primarily Scottish. “I used to envision myself dancing with my traditional German costume.

A Fifty-Year Difference

September 28, 2015 - We see major differences in life styles, transportation, and fashion even if we compare only in ten-year spans, just as we see in our local paper. Even more amazing, we who have lived over fifty years now may marvel at how different it was back in 1965, fifty years ago.


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