Submitted by Randy and Sue Smith

Paxton Methodist Weekly News, July 17

July 18, 2022 - Grace and peace from our brother and our teacher, Jesus. Amen. Sue and I spent a couple days this week in Kilgore, at the Texas Shakespeare Festival seeing two great plays. One, of course, was Shakespeare’s play, Taming of the Shrew. It was really funny, even for people who were watching hundreds of years after it was written. We also saw that great American musical, The Music Man. The actors, orchestra, scenery, singing, and dancing—all were amazing. Sue and I have been humming Music Man songs ever since.

News from Paxton United Methodist Church, May 15

May 16, 2022 - Sunday was the 5th Sunday of Easter. We finally got some much-needed rain, but that was followed by heat, humidity, and winds. The old earth is parched again in Shelby County. I am watering my container plants every day. I have become a small-time gardener with mostly raised beds planted in perennials. The first blooms from my roses were really pretty; now the gardenias and cape jasmine are flowering, looking and smelling wonderful.

Paxton Methodist Weekly, May 8

May 9, 2022 - Sunday was the 4th Sunday of Easter. We have had a couple of good rains and some humid summertime weather. Not to mention some middle 90s—in early May! It is Saturday evening, and as I proofread my sermon again, I finally think it is ready to go. I will see tomorrow if I put anyone to sleep. Just joking! This Sunday in the Season of Easter is sometimes referred to as The Shepherd’s Sunday. We began this day with the 23rd Psalm as our Gathering Words.

News From Paxton United Methodist Church, October 10th

October 14, 2021 - Grace and peace from our friend and brother Jesus. My newsletter is late this week because my dog Sam and I went to Dallas after church Sunday. We stayed with my daughter and her sweet dog Stella, which meant a human and canine great time. Megan had to work Monday, so I met my brother and sister-in-law for breakfast. We had a nice meal while getting caught up. I went over to their house afterwards to see all the things Mary has done to their yard and patio area. It looks really pretty.

News from Paxton Methodist, Aug. 8

August 9, 2021 - Grace and peace from our friend and brother Jesus. The typical Texas summer weather pattern has come to our part of the world. Once again Mother Nature sent us a curve ball instead of what we usually get temperature-wise at the beginning of August. It was nice to have slightly cooler days and low humidity. But it didn’t last, and we are back in those dog days of summer. Still, no triple digits or wildfires.

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