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September 25, 2015 - The Shelby County Chamber of Commerce presents the 39th Annual East Texas Poultry Festival Queen’s Scholarship Pageant at 6pm on Saturday, September 26, 2015 at the Center High School. Portraits below were taken by As You Wish Photography.

The Queen's Court season is made possible in part by Platinum Sponsor, Shelby Savings Bank. Festival Gold Sponsors are City of Center, Drewery Construction, Tyson Foods, Sombreros, JML Management, and Wiggins Farms.

The Poultry Festival is presented by Farmers State Bank.

2014 Queen Zoey Stuever
Escorted by Tony Garcia


Princess Hannah Hall 
Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Rusty Hall 
Escorted by Hunter Berry
Sponsored By Rusty’s Consulting Services


Princess Konner Windham
Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Windham 
Escorted by Zachary Fausett
Sponsored By ETSM


Princess Alexis Barlow 
Daughter of Jimmy Barlow & Nikki Joubert 
Escorted by Jacob Jackson
Sponsored By Cornerstone Construction


Princess Brynna Birdwell
Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Del Birdwell
Escorted by Jesse Burns
Sponsored By Wiggins Farms


Princess Bailey Snell 
Daughter of Mr. Wes Snell & Ms. Stephanie Davis
Escorted by Joel Rodriguez
Sponsored By Hughes Florist & Gifts


Princess Madison Agnew
Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Scott Agnew
Escorted by Lewis Blount
Sponsored By ACE Hardware of East Texas


Princess Kaci Griffin
Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ray Griffin
Escorted by Aaron Gilchrist
Sponsored By Mr. & Mrs. Ken Rash/ Younique by Keni Bradshaw


Children of the Court 2015

Hudsyn Wulf 
Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Deuce Wulf

Sutton Link 
Son of Mrs. Haley White
& Mr. Chris Link

Avery Lawson
Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Carl Whitehead
& Mr. & Mrs. Craig Lawson

Rex Payne 
Son of Mr. & Mrs. Rob Payne


Hannah Wages 

Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Wages

Wade Collard 
Son of Dr. & Mrs. Randy Collard


Evening of Events

Master of Ceremonies
Chris Watlington

A Very Special Thank You

Introduction of Judges




Farewell-East Texas Poultry Festival Queen 2014
Zoey Stuever

Presentation of Awards

Crowning of
Miss East Texas Poultry Festival Queen 2015


September 25, 2015 - The Center Fire Department fought a grass fire on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 on CR 1045, which upon arrival of firemen was dangerously close to a chicken house.

A passerby on the roadway witnessed flames emitting from Hughes chicken farm just under 1 1/2 miles from State Highway 7 West and reported the fire to The Shelby County Sheriff's Department. West Shelby Volunteer Fire Department (WSVFD) was first to be dispatched to the fire; however, it was not in their coverage area. Once this was determined, the WSVFD was canceled and the Center Fire Department was dispatched to the fire.

When the firemen arrived, smoke billowed into the sky and across the roadway where flames appeared to be reaching out to get to the other side. While a grass truck was driven onto the property to investigate the origination of the flames that had traveled to the road, another group of firemen began extinguishing the fire beside the road.

Fire had traveled through a hay meadow very close to a chicken house and the flames were extinguished before they could catch on to the building. The remaining fire was contained to a large cluster of round hay bales, which were at the top of a hill. After the firemen doused the bales of hay with water, an individual on the property dragged the bales from their location to the middle of the field where the firemen further drenched them with water.

The cause of the fire was not known, but the danger presented by the fire was a good example of why the county remains under a burn ban to this date.

September 25, 2015LUFKIN – The Texas Transportation Commission on Thursday approved 62 transportation contracts that totaled $294.8 million, including three projects for the Lufkin District that total $15.7 million.

In Polk County, a $13.9 million project will begin on US 190 that will add passing lanes beginning in Onalaska and continuing for 6.25 miles to FM 2457. Smith & Company, contractor for the project, will construct the passing lanes at a cost of $10.8 million. In addition, $3.6 million will go toward safety treating fixed objects on US 190 to US 59.

San Augustine County also received approval for a $ 1.2 million project on FM 705. AR Brothers Construction Services, contractor for the project, will work to safety treat fixed objects from SH 147 for 2.4 miles south of FM 83.

In Angelina County, an $86,851 project was approved that will add an intersection flashing beacon and advance warning signals in three locations. South Texas Illumination, contractor for the project, will work to install a flashing beacon on US 69 North at FM 2021 at a cost of $33,572; advance warning signals on SL 287 at FM 1194 at a cost of $13,314; and advance warning signals on US 69 at FM 2251 at a cost of $42,293.

As these projects begin, motorists are urged to use caution and remain alert to workers and construction equipment. Delays, reduced lanes of traffic and flaggers should be expected in construction zones. Remember that speeds are reduced in work areas and fines double when workers are present.

These projects, once complete, will continue to help maintain a safe system for the traveling public, address congestion and alert motorists to nearby intersections. The Texas Department of Transportation continues to meet the goals of successfully connecting Texas communities as well as providing better maneuverability and safe highways while remaining a Best In Class state agency.

For more information, contact or (936) 633-4395.


September 25, 2015 -  The Texas State Soil & Water Conservation Board (TSSWCB) and the Association of Texas Soil & Water Conservation Districts (ATSWCD) are sponsoring a poster contest (open to students 12 years and under, and does not jeopardize Texas University Interscholastic League eligibility).

The contest is open to public, private, or home school students. Posters should address the following subject for 2016: “Local Heroes – Your Hardworking Pollinators”.

Please visit the stewardship website at for information on the theme. Posters shall be submitted to the local soil and water conservation district for local judging by December 31, 2015. Their office will have the form to attach to the entry.

Each local district will judge the entries and submit three posters to the TSSWCB for competition on the area level. Plaques will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners on the area level and state winners will be selected from the area winners.

The local district is: Shelby Soil & Water Conservation District, 158 Cass Caid, Center, TX (across the street from Texas State Bank). As this office has only one part-time employee, you should probably call before coming by the office. The telephone number is: (936) 598-5557, Ext. 3. If no one is in, you may leave your telephone number on the answering machine and someone will get back with you.

September 22, 2015 - The Shelby County grand jury for the July term of the 123rd Judicial District Court met on Tuesday, September 15, 2015 and handed down indictments for 51 cases.

Derek Wayne Hendricks was indicted for theft, state jail felony. The indictment alleges on December 4, 2014 Hendricks stole a propane torch including two bottles, hoses and gauges, a brown welding hood, approximately 200 feet of welding leads, a diamond plate tool box with assorted tools, booster cables, 2 boxes of welding rods, a 6 ft box blade for tractor, 1-5 gallon bucket of hydraulic oil, 1 red metal gas can, 1 receiver hitch with a two inch trailer ball, trailer dolly, grease gun, come-a-longs, 6 bags of sheet metal screws, 2 round bales of hay, valued at $1,500 or more but less than $20,000 from Jim McCauley, the owner, without his consent.

Derek Wayne Hendricks was also indicted for theft, state jail felony involving another incident. According to the indictment, on November 30, 2014 Hendricks stole the following: Huskey socket set, oxygen and acetylene bottles, tool boxes, jacks, grease gun, come-a-longs, 400' 2-0 service wire, 10 lbs loose copper, Snap-on crow foot open end wrenches, Coleman cooler, bucket pins, cylinder engine head, Victor acetylene gauges with torch, large red shackle valued at $1,500 or more but less than $20,000 from Jason Harrell Fleming, the owner.

Jonas Dewaun Goodwin was indicted for indecency with a child - exposure, a third degree felony. The indictment alleges on October 29, 2014, Goodwin with intent to arouse or gratify his sexual desire did intentionally or knowingly expose his genitals to a child younger than 17 years of age.

Sarah Simmons was indicted for criminally negligent homicide, state jail felony. According to the allegation in the indictment on April 19, 2014 Simmons did, by criminal negligence, cause the death of an individual, namely, Logan Simmons., by being ejected from vehicle during the crash due to being unrestrained.

Justin Earl Bennett received three indictments. The first indictment, delivery of a controlled substance, state jail felony, in a drug free zone, penalty enhanced to third degree felony alleges Bennett intended to deliver cocaine in an amount of less than one gram, and that he committed this alleged offense within 1,000 feet of Center Middle School. Bennett is alleged in the second indictment, evading arrest with vehicle, third degree felony to have fled from Center Police Sgt. Ricky King in a vehicle. The third indictment against Bennett, evading arrest with previous conviction, state jail felony alleges when Bennett evaded arrest from Sgt. King he had a previous conviction for the same charge on February 18, 1998. All of the charges are alleged to have occurred on August 28, 2014

Terry Victor Johnson, Jr. was indicted for assault bodily injury, third degree felony. The indictment alleges Johnson, Jr. did intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly cause bodily injury to the victim, Jennifer Kellum Johnson, a family member by impeding the normal breathing or circulation of the blood by applying pressure to the throat or neck and/or blocking the nose or mouth of the victim on September 7, 2014.

Johnson was also indicted for continuous violence against the family, third degree felony. The indictment alleges on November 18, 2014 Johnson recklessly caused bodily injury to Joshua Wayne Kellum, a member of Johnson's family by kicking and injuring Kellum's knee, causing him to fall and injuring his elbow. On or about September 7, 2014, Johnson caused bodily injury to Jennifer Kellum Johnson, a member of his family, by grabbing her around her throat strangling her, making it hard for her to breathe, and said conduct by Johnson occurred during a period that was 12 months or less in duration.

Derwin Wayne Armstrong was indicted for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. The indictment alleges on November 8, 2014 Armstrong operated an automobile without effective consent of Carrie Boykins, the owner thereof.

Ray Charles Carroll received an indictment for, forgery, state jail felony. The indictment alleges on October 24, 2014 Carroll with intent to defraud or harm Reymundo Bahena wrote a business check in the name of B and B Sports Floors drawn on Angelina Savings Bank, on the above date for the amount of $700.

Dustin Bryan Estes was indicted for burglary of a building, state jail felony. The indictment alleges on November 10, 2014 Estes entered a building without the consent of Regency Energy Partners, the owner of the building, and attempted to commit or committed theft of 1 Galenfeha-GLFH -1240-CW Battery owned by Regency Energy Partners.

Joseph Leon Parker was indicted for theft, state jail felony. The indictment alleges on November 8, 2014 Parker stole 2 Yard Railroad Yellow Equipment buckets valued at 1,500 or more but less than $20,000 from Charles Mackey, the owner.

David Aaron Parks and Leanne Jeanette Fox each received indictments pertaining to the same incident for injury to a child, elderly or disabled individual, first degree felony. The indictments collectively allege on October 22, 2014 Parks and Fox caused serious bodily injury to a child 14 years of age or younger when they failed to supervise and protect the child, therefore allowing the child to be seriously injured as a result of being attacked by a dog. In relation to the same incident, Thomas Chase Lee was also indicted for tampering with or fabricating physical evidence, third degree felony. The indictment alleges on October 22, 2014 when Lee was aware an investigation of the attack on the child was in progress, he concealed the dog involved, a tan and white pit bull, with intent to impair its availability to the investigation.

Horace Roger Hendrick was indicted for theft, third degree felony. The indictment alleges on November 1, 2014 Hendrick stole rolls of barbed wire and creosote posts valued at $1,500 or more but less than $20,000 from Lawrence Kent Edwards, the owner, without his consent.

Daniel Patrick Gay was indicted for burglary of a habitation, second degree felony. The indictment alleges on October 27, 2014 Gay stole a list of items including: Samsung 52" television, Magnavox Blue-ray DVD player, DVD's and case, 1 20-guage shotgun, 1 winchester 30/30 lever action rifle, miscellaneous fishing equipment, batter charger, air compressor, Apple iPhone, Black and Decker drill, women's leather boots, black leather jacket, chaps and vest, red sleeping bags, owned by Paula Nugent.

Wesley Aaron Lawrence and Kathleen May Edwards were each indicted in relation to the same incident for theft of firearm, state jail felony. The indictments allege on November 5, 2014 Lawrence and Edwards stole a .380 semi-automatic handgun from Jacob Durant, the owner. Edwards and Lawrence also received an indictment each for, possession of a controlled substance, second degree felony. The indictments allege they possessed methamphetamine in an amount of four grams or more but less than 200 grams.

Amity Leigh Arriola, Brittany Ann Humphreys, Roderick Darnell Yarbrough and Harold Christopher received three indictments each involving the same incident occurring on November 17, 2014. The first indictment for arson, second degree felony, alleges all involved intended to damage or destroy a habitation owned by Brenda Mackey, located at 683 CR 4021 in Timpson by starting a fire or causing an explosion by setting the kitchen cabinet on fire. The second indictment burglary of a habitation, first degree felony, alleges all involved entered the habitation without the consent of Brenda Mackey, and attempted to commit or committed the felony offense of arson. The third indictment for engaging in organized criminal activity, felony one degree higher, alleges all involved entered the habitation without the consent of Brenda Mackey and attempted to commit or committed the felony offense of arson. All involved are alleged to have done so with the intent to establish, maintain, or participate in a combination or in the profits of combination who collaborated in carrying on said criminal activity

(Dates in parenthesis indicate the date of the alleged incident)
Mary Thomas, insurance fraud, state jail felony (June 11, 2012).
Kelly Blake Carr, theft, state jail felony (November 29, 2014).
Crystal Leigh Smith, theft, state jail felony (November 29, 2014).
Thomas Earl Ingram, possession of a controlled substance, state jail felony (October 3, 2014).
Robert Curtis Reed, possession of a controlled substance, state jail felony (November 22, 2014).
Carlos Herrera Delgado, driving while intoxicated, third degree felony (October 10, 2014).
Elidio Santi-Garcia, driving while intoxicated, third degree felon (October 3, 2014).
Zachery Lee Crockett, failure to register as a sex offender, third degree felony (October 17, 2014).
Xavier Monzell Smith, possession of a controlled substance, state jail felony (October 31, 2014).
Luis Rosas Sanchez, driving while intoxicated - 3rd or more, third degree felony (November 3, 2014).
Rhiana Smith, driving while intoxicated with child passenger, state jail felony (August 2, 2014).
Charles Patrick Chumbley, driving while intoxicated, third degree felony (March 22, 2014).
Justin Todd Short, possession of a controlled substance, state jail felony (December 8, 2013).
Benjiman Joseph Malone, possession of a controlled substance, state jail felony (March 16, 2015).
Miguel Miranda-Garcia, failure to register as a sex offender, third degree felony (May 5, 2015).
Kirk Hinson, prohibited substances in an adult correctional facility, third degree felony (October 13, 2014).

Indictments and Information are not a conviction, and are a matter of public record. All individuals are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

September 22, 2015 - The Shelbyville Band Boosters will have their regular Band Booster meeting on Monday, September 28th at 6pm. 

Members will be discussing regular business along with the 2016 high school band trip to Orlando, Florida. Information packets about the trip, including dates and fees will be available.

September 22, 2015 - The Shelby County Sheriff's Office (SCSO) is investigating a burglary that occurred September 21, 2015 at approximately 11:09 p.m. at Blount Pharmacy on U.S. Highway 84 East in Joaquin.

SCSO deputies Michael Griffin and Bradley Horton arrived on scene to find a substantial amount of damage to the front of the structure caused from unknown suspects attempting to remove a metal door.

Once inside the suspects stole an unknown amount of prescription drugs. Physical evidence was obtained at the scene.

Individuals with information regarding this burglary are urged to contact SCSO investigator Kevin Windham at (936)598-5601 or (936) 572-1972.

Submitted by Leah Chase

September 22, 2015According to the press release, Shelby County Sheriff Sheriff Willis Blackwell said on July 24 a complainant contacted the Shelby County Sheriff's Office (SCSO) to report missing items including toolboxes and a window unit air conditioner from his residence. Deputy Adam Renfro went to the property located on U.S. Highway 96 South in Center and took inventory of the missing items from the homeowner.An investigation into the theft of an air conditioner unit in July developed into an inquiry of a Center man who later submitted to a polygraph examination.

Due to another theft incident that had recently occurred in the area, sergeant investigator D.J. Dickerson traveled to a next door residence in an attempt to make contact with subjects and gain information regarding the missing property. Upon arrival at the property, Dickerson observed a toolbox identical to the one the complainant reported missing and photographed the item for verification. Dickerson then traveled to the complainant's home where he verified the item pictured was in fact his missing toolbox. Dickerson returned to the property, recovered the stolen item and secured it for evidence.

On August 20, Dickerson requested an interview with Robert Mitchell Miller II, 25, of Center who was serving time at the Shelby County Jail on unrelated charges. During the course of the interview, Miller denied any knowledge of the stolen items. Additional interviews over the following days with Miller's girlfriend, and father, led investigators to believe he was lying about his involvement with the stolen property. Miller agreed to a polygraph examination.

Texas Department of Public Safety Special Agent Derick Walker conducted a polygraph examination August 25 on Miller. During the exam, deception was observed regarding his answers to questions regarding entering the complainant’s residence and stealing the window A/C unit.

Miller confessed to entering the complainant's residence and stealing the property. The air conditioner was also recovered and secured for evidence. He was charged with burglary of a habitation – felony 2. He remains in the Shelby County Jail on bonds totaling $5,000.

Submitted by Leah Chase

September 18, 2015 A local bank alerting its customer to a possible problem ends with the arrest of a Center woman for theft on.

According to a press release, Shelby County Sheriff Willis Blackwell reports that on September 10, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) arrested 38 year-old Jasmine Tyrisha Moore, of Center, on charges relating to theft. Moore is accused of stealing checks from HLH Timber Company, LLC in Joaquin and attempting to cash the checks at two Texas State Bank (TSB) locations.

It is reported that Moore arrived at HLH Timber on September 4 and inquired about a paycheck for an employee. After learning that no one was employed by that name at the company, Moore is said to have left property only to return an hour later stealing two paychecks belonging to an employee of HLH Timber and a folder containing company paperwork. An employee at TSB contacted HLH Timber on September 5 in regards to Moore attempting to cash two checks unsuccessfully.

Officers of TSB met with SCSO Sergeant Investigator D.J. Dickerson on September 10 and presented video surveillance and statements regarding the incident. The video footage shows the same vehicle Moore arrived in at HLH Timber, a white Mercury Grand Marquis registered to Casedrick Goodwin, pulled into the TSB drive-thru in Center on September 5 and attempted to cash a check. Further investigation revealed Goodwin and Moore are married.

Moore was escorted to the SCSO on September 10 for an interview. During the course of the interview, Moore admitted to going to HLH Timber in attempt to gain possession of a check belonging to an employee that Moore stated owed her money. Upon showing Moore photographs of the car at HLH Timber and a suspect wearing a hoodie and coat, Moore denied being the person in the photographs and the one who passed the stolen checks at TSB locations. Moore admitted attempting to cash a money order at the locations only. After further questioning, Moore admitted to passing the checks at TSB locations. Moore denied stealing the checks, stating a passenger in the backseat of her vehicle and the one pictured in the photographs was the one who stole the items.

Moore is currently being held at the SCSO on bonds totaling $28,000 and fines totaling $1,934.

According to the Shelby County Sheriff's Department arrest log, the following charges have been logged for Moore:

  • 09/10/15 - Capias Profine (Failure to ID), Failure to Appear (Theft), Failure to Appear (Theft)
  • 09/11/15 - Forgery, Forgery
  • 09/16/15 - Forgery, Forgery Against Elderly, Forgery Against Elderly, Forgery Against Elderly, Forgery Against Elderly, Burglary of a Building

The charges may or may not be related to the above case.

Submitted by Leah Chase

September 18, 2015 - Low Cost Spay/Neuter and Pet Wellness Clinic one Thursday each month and every fourth Saturday from 10-3p. The next clinic will take place on Saturday, September 26 at Tractor Supply in Center, Texas located at 1155 Tenaha Street. We offer dog/cat vaccines, heartworm tests/prevention, flea/tick prevention, microchips, and nail trims.

Now offering low cost spay/neuter and pets must have appointment for surgery. Information can be found at or call (903) 590-7722.