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April 21, 2016 - Shelly Norvell, Center Elementary School Administrator, was the lucky winner of a custom built table from Back Country Furniture and Designs yesterday evening, April 20th during the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce Teacher Appreciation Reception.

Norvell was excited about her door prize and humbled expressing she had wished one of her teachers would have won because it was their day of recognition. The Center elementary teachers attending the reception were delighted Norvell won and all of them gathered around the custom table for a photo.

April 21, 2016 (Album1, Album2) - Two teachers received the honor of being recognized as the Teachers of the Year during Shelby County Chamber of Commerce Teacher Appreciation reception held April 20th at the John D. Windham Civic Center and presented by Cline Family Medicine. The Elementary Teacher of the Year was announced to be Amber Graves and the Secondary Teacher of the Year went to Kay Dawson. Both teachers were presented a special apple trophy by Kelly Lucas in a room full of their peers, co-workers, and family.From left: Kay Dawson and Amber Graves

The reception is held annually to salute and recognize the dedicated administrations and teaching staff of all the Shelby County school districts. Prior to the announcement of the Teachers of the Year, each School Campus Teacher of the Year was presented with a certificate of recognition following a report given by their campus principal concerning each teachers exemplary dedication, endless contributions, and extra efforts given which make them an A++ teacher. 

The Teacher of the Year from the Shelby County School Campuses are:

Center Christian Academy – Billie Price

F.L. Moffett Primary School – Iva Nell Miller
Center Elementary School – Chelsi White
Center Intermediate School – Patty Davis
Center Middle School – Matt Duvon
Center High School – Jennifer Fausett

Excelsior ISD – Barbara Boucher

Joaquin Elementary School – Amber Graves
Joaquin Junior High School – April Gates
Joaquin High School – Yesenia Corrales

S.W. Carter Elementary – Jennifer Sonmor
Shelbyville Middle School –Erin Alford 
Shelbyville High School – Walt Baty

Timpson Elementary – Stephanie Jamar
Timpson Middle School – Chad Lawrence
Timpson High School – Kay Dawson

Gold sponsors for the event were Farmers State Bank and Shelby Savings Bank. Silver sponsors were Dr. James Hockenberry, Boom Boom Photo Booth, and Bird & Crawford Forestry. Door prizes were given during the event.

From left: Margaret Ihlo, Andi Foster (Ways & Means Chair), Kelli Snider, and Laura Rowe (Ways & Means, Correspondence Secretary.) Snider is planning a vacation to Canyon Lake near New Braunsfels.

April 21, 2016 – The Beta Sigma Phi Preceptor Upsilon Chapter announces the winners of their annual fundraiser drawings held Monday, April 20 with proceeds benefiting the Fannie Brown Booth Memorial Library and other community projects. Members with the Preceptor Upsilon Chapter extend their appreciation and gratitude to the businesses for their generosity with donating prizes and to the community for supporting this year’s fundraiser. The 2016 fundraiser winners include: 

  • Kelli Snider: GRAND PRIZE – GREAT ESCAPE 7 DAY/7 NIGHT VACATION and $500 VISA GIFT CARD – Donated by Beta Sigma Phi Preceptor Upsilon Chapter and Texas State Bank
  • Luke Motley: FIRST PRIZE - APPLE iPAD AIR 16GB – Donated by Farmers State Bank and Sabine State Bank
  • Brad Rushing: SECOND PRIZE – Yeti Cooler Donated by Shelby Savings Bank and 2 Yeti 20 oz. Tumblers – Donated by Vieux Carre Photography 

Beta Sigma Phi is an international non-profit organization, non-academic sorority for women offering opportunities friendship, development of cultural appreciation, and community service.  The Greek letters stand for life, learning and friendship.  Approximately, 12,500 chapters in 20 countries meet twice a month for a brief business meeting and cultural program.  Founded by Walter W. Ross in Abilene, Kansas in 1931 with seven members, the organization today has 250,000 members.  Beta Sigma Phi supports various projects including the International Endowment Fund, Disaster Relief Fund, Breast Cancer Research Fund and Scholarship Fund.

April 21, 2016 - Students from Self Defense America located in Center TX competed on Saturday April 16, 2016 at the Holiday in Dixie Martial Arts Championships.

Left to right; Hollie Hamilton 1st in Forms and 4th in Chanbara, Ethan McElroy 2nd in Forms, 3rd in Weapons, 4th in Sparring and 5th in Chanbara, Samuel Brazzel 5thf in Weapons, 4th in Forms and 3rd in Chanbara, Maximus Rojas 1st in Forms, 1st in Sparring and 5th in Chanbara, Aiden Wallace 2nd in Grappling, 5th in Forms and 5th in Chanbara, Hunter Cooper 5thf in Weapons, 4th in Sparring, 2nd in Chanbara and 3rd in Forms, Logan Galindo 1st in Weapons, 1st in Forms, 3rd in Chanbara and 4th in Sparring, Aiden Hughes 1st in Grappling, 5th in Forms and 5th in Chanbara, Brittany LaValle 4th in Sparring and 4th in Chanbara,  and Jaxon Sanford 4th in Forms, 4th in Chanbara and 5th in Sparring.  Students not in Photo are Eric Mendoza 4th in Forms, Justyn Morris 4th in Forms and 5th in Sparring and Brooklynn Scates 3rd in Grappling and 5th in Forms. Coaches were Master T. Roddy and Sensei R. Roddy. Thanks to the Parents for supporting your children during this competition!

April 21, 2016 - The year was 1978, and a man born and raised in the Mount Herman Community of Shelby County joined the KDET family, sharing his great voice and the gift he had for music with the listeners of the piney woods of East Texas. 

The man is James Paul “Squirrely” Wilson.  For 38 years, he was dedicated to his job at KDET.  James Paul truly enjoyed working with the greats such as Dan Dellinger, Jack Mack, Gene Fields, Jack Bell, Mattie Dellinger, and Vance Payne. 

Now we can list James Paul with these great radio personalities as he announces his retirement from Center Broadcasting.  As James Paul signs off we can say, “what a ride, and thanks for coming into our homes for the past 38 years.”  Our mornings will not be the same without you Squirrelly.  You will truly be missed.  Center Broadcasting salutes Mr. James Paul “Squirrelly” Wilson…for outstanding service and for being the voice of KDET mornings for 38 years.

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April 20, 2016 - Lasting Impressions celebrated 20 years in business with members of the community, business owners and the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors on Tuesday, April 19, 2016.

Paula Jones, owner, gathered with her family and friends as the event kicked off and Pam Phelps, Shelby County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, welcomed all present.

"Folks, its a day that we are here to celebrate. We are here to congratulate Paula [Jones] and family in the investment they have made in Center and the business that they established and have grown," said Phelps. "It started out small on the square, came here (Foster Street) and built a building, then had to do an expansion after that. So, it is with great gratitude we are here, you are here for us, you are here for the community. Lasting Impressions has been an immense community partner on many things."

Phelps said anyone can go to Jones, tell her what they need and she can get something put together for them, "We say thank you to you as well and the things that you support within the community and throughout Shelby County."

She finished by saying the 20-year evolution of the business has been exciting and it seems like it just started yesterday.

Meg Camp, Shelby County Chamber of Commerce Ambassador President, extended appreciation for being invited to the event and offered the assistance of the ambassadors.

"On behalf of the Ambassadors we want to say thank you for inviting us to your celebration. Very exciting, very beautiful, yes, it has just expanded since the time that I have been here in Center. If there is anything the Ambassadors can do for you we would be glad to help you just let us know," said Camp.

Jones then took a minute to address everyone, "I appreciate you all coming and I thank you so much for the support over the years, and of course my family and my wonderful husband, who I don't thank enough. It's been a family venture."

April 20, 2016 - Asia Garrett is a 2016 Center High School Senior. She has been diagnosed with Keratoconus Unstable bilateral ICS. This basically means that Asia is unable to see normal 20/20 vision, even with her glasses. Her vision is failing and is changing daily, which could result in her becoming permanently blind. 

Because of the Keratoconic disease, Asia's vision is very limited. It is limiting her daily activities such as reading, writing, and even walking to the bus stop. Her eye sight even with glasses at best right now is 20/40 in both eyes. The disease is advancing significantly and requires a very extensive and expensive surgery. 

The name of the surgery is Intacs surgery and is scheduled for June 15th at the University of Houston. This procedure will improve the cornea shape and best-corrected vision. It is FDA approved for the treatment of Keratoconus. If she has the surgery, this will restore the functionality of her vision and postpone the need for a cornea transplant. 

Because surgery is so costly, Asia along with her mother, Robbie Garrett, are in need of financial assistance. 

An account has been set up at Shelby Saving's Bank, here in Center, TX, to help support her medical needs. Any donations would be greatly appreciated.

April 20, 2016 - This past week, Whataburger #1001, located on Hwy. 84 in Joaquin, TX, celebrated its 5th year of service to the people of Logansport and Joaquin.  Key Operator, Jim Barron (Mr. Jim) announced the event at the April meeting of the Logansport Chamber of Commerce.  Mr. Jim, an active member of the Chamber, has over 50 years in the restaurant business, and 27 years with Whataburger.

The Mayors of Logansport and Joaquin, Katherine Freeman and Bill Baker dropped by the drive-in restaurant to congratulate the General Manager, Khenkeysah Calloway, on the quality of service, and community support rendered by Whataburger.   On behalf of their respective towns, the Mayors thanked the management of Whataburger for setting a high standard as a modelbusiness dedicated to serving the public and promoting the community.

April 20, 2016 - Martha Lou Chadwick Scott, a 1967 graduate of Center ISD, was honored by Baylor University earlier this year for her 45 years of service. To read the story posted on Baylor's website, visit the following link - Martha Lou Scott: Still inspiring students after 45 years at Baylor.

Source: Baylor University

From left: Bill O'Neal and Annette Peters. Photo by Crystal Berg.April 20, 2016 - Nettie's Nook hosted author Bill O'Neal, a Texas State Historian and author of over 40 books on the American West on Tuesday, April 19th. 

A retired history professor at Panola College, O'Neal now travels speaking about Texas History and has appeared on television documentaries on the History Channel, Turner Network Television, the Discovery Channel, Turner Broadcasting System, British Broadcasting Corporation, and the Arts and Entertainment Channel.

In honor of his time spent at Nettie's Nook visiting and signing books, the Sammich Shop featured a special item on the menu - the Gun Slinger Sammich.

Books which O'Neal had on hand were Sam Houston Slept Here: Guide to the Homes of Texas' Chief Executives, East Texas in World War II, West Texas Cattle Company, Texas Gunslingers, and Sam Houston: A Study In Leadership. These books as well as many others are available for purchase at Nettie's Nook.