Movie Goers Receive Early Christmas Gift Thanks to Local Church

November 26, 2018 - Tis the season of giving and many of the kids attending the showing of "The Grinch" at the RIO Theatre on Friday night received an early Christmas gift thanks to the generosity of Old Salem Missionary Baptist Church.

After hearing Nita Adkison advise families of the unexpected gift as parents were paying for their movie tickets, Shelby County Today inquired with Nita who responded, "Old Salem Missionary Baptist Church called today and they donated $500 to give for children's tickets tonight." She advised the money provided tickets for 84 kids!

Nita said, "Everybody that came up, until those tickets were gone, they only had to buy adult tickets and it was so exciting... (Old Salem MBC) just wanted to spread some Christmas cheer. Isn't that awesome!"

The RIO Theatre had a full house on Friday night and was thankful to see all the families; however, they regretted having to post a SOLD OUT sign. "The Grinch" will be showing through Tuesday, November 27th.