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Family Member of WWI Veteran Hulon Oates Shares Photos, History

August 9, 2019 - Shelby County Today recently received an email from Steve Garrett about his great-grandfather's brother, Hulon Oates. His great-grandfather was Robert "Bob" Henry Oates. Garrett had read an article by Larry Hume - 'Every Veteran Has a Story: Stephen Oates' and he shared some old family photos he had of his great-great-uncle Hulon as well as some history.

Movie Goers Enjoy Christmas-in-July Gift Thanks to Local Church

July 10, 2019 - RIO movie goers received a Christmas-in-July gift last Friday, July 5th.

Mike Adkison explained, "You know the story at Christmas about the church that gave the tickets to the kids to watch The Grinch? Well, they did it again last weekend and I wanted to let everyone know how much the families enjoyed the surprise and generosity of the church!"


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