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Current Active Boil Water Notices; Rescinded Notices (Updated)

February 27, 2021 - With the enormous impact the Winter Storm has had on water systems in Shelby County and surrounding areas, Shelby County Today will keep this list of active boil water notices current for a quick check for viewers to see if their area is still under an active notice.

Rescinded boil water notices (no longer require boiling)

Covid-19 Update: DSHS Reports 3 New Deaths, 89 Active Cases (Updated)

Update 6:26pm: Texas DSHS Covid-19 Dashboard was updated at 3:10pm with today's numbers. The active cases remained at 89; however, an additional death was reported for a total of 55. This makes three days in a row of increases to the death count. Since the beginning of 2021, 15 new deaths have been reported for Shelby County.

The number of total probable cases reduced by 1 for a new total of 657. Case reductions have occurred before when cases are discovered to belong to a different county of residence. There was no explaination as to why the decrease.

Shelbyville ISD Congratulates Five Football Players Who Made the List

February 26, 2021 - Shelbyville ISD had five football players make the list and receive athletic recognition for the 2020-2021 football season. Four made the Padilla Poll Coaches All State Team and one received honorable mention on the Texas Sports Writers Association 2020 Team. Congratulations to the following athletes for recognition of your hard work and dedication!

Covid-19: 1 New Death, Decreasing Active Cases Ends 48 Day Streak of Over 100

February 24, 2021 - The Texas DSHS Covid-19 Dashboard reports 96 active cases as of Wednesday, February 24, 2021 and one new death. Shelby County has reported active cases over 100 since January 7th which is a total of 48 days.

Over the past five days, of the 13 new active cases 4 were new confirmed cases and 9 were new probable cases. The dashboard also shows a total of 33 additional recoveries which continues to help lower the number of active cases.

Covid-19 Update: 116 Active Cases

February 20, 2021 - The Texas DSHS Covid-19 Dashboard reports 116 active cases on Friday, February 19, 2021.

Of the new cases reported over the past two days, 2 were new confirmed cases and 0 were new probable cases. The dashboard also shows a total of 10 additional recoveries which continues to help lower the number of active cases.

Texas Allocated Nearly 600,000 First Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine for Week 11; Shelby County to Receive 200 Doses

February 19, 2021 - The 11th week of vaccine distribution starts February 22, 2021 and Shelby County has one provider on the list. Hope Community Medicine is allocated to receive a total of 200 vaccine doses.

Shelby County, a part of Public Health Region 4/5N, reports 1,107 people have been vaccinated with at least one dose and 635 people are fully vaccinated. Shelby County has an estimated population of 19,449 of people 16 years of age and older. With the 11th week shipment, the county has received 1,200 doses.

Past weekly vaccine allocations for Shelby County:

List of Fuel Stations Open with Fuel Available, Grocery Stores Open (3:30pm Update)

February 18, 2021 - The winter weather continues and many are needing to venture out to get fuel for generators and vehicles. Shelby County Today will keep a list updated of open gas stations with fuel available. Please be advised - the situation can change quickly so each notice we receive and post, we will include a time stamp. As of 2:17pm lines don't appear to be too long. Hurst Street in Center has one lane open each on the northbound and southbound side.

Covid-19 Update: 1 new death, 124 Active Cases

February 17, 2021 - The Texas DSHS Covid-19 Dashboard reports 1 new death and 124 active cases on Wednesday, February 17, 2021.

Of the new cases reported, 1 was a new confirmed case and 1 was a new probable case. The dashboard also shows 4 additional recoveries.

February 17th (12:35pm) Numbers:
Total Confirmed Cases - 858 (1 new case)
Total Probable Cases - 648 (1 new case)
Total Fatalities - 51 (1 new)
Total Estimated Active Cases - 124
Total Estimated Recovered - 1,331 (4 new)


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