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Chamber's 98th Awards Celebration Honors Seven; Ragan Receives Young Citizen Award

November 19, 2020 - The 98th Annual Awards Celebration for the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce was held at the John D. Windham Civic Center with awards being presented in recognition of volunteerism, hard work, as well as contributions to the community.

Chamber of Commerce President Deborah Chadwick started the evenings event with a welcome and an introduction of the guest speakers and the awards presentations coming. 

City of Tenaha Voters Pass Adoption of Local Sales, Use Tax Rate of 2%

November 4, 2020 - The citizens of the City of Tenaha voted to adopt a new local sales and use tax at the rate of 2%. With 169 voters coming to the poll, the new tax rate passed with a total of 116 voting 'for' and 53 voting 'against.'

The voting breakdown:

Early Voting (Total Ballots 44)

  • For - 38
  • Against - 6

Election Day (Total Ballots 125)

Unofficial General Election Results for Shelby County, City Elections (Updated 9:06pm)

Update 9:06pm - All boxes are in and 64.83% of the registered voters in Shelby County voiced their opinion at the polls in the 2020 November 3rd General Election. For Shelby County, the voters were definitely more Republican than Democrat representatives.

For local election results, the City of Joaquin voted in three council members - Steve Cockrell, incumbent Frank Cooper, and incumbent Jessie Griffith. To see the election results for Joaquin, they are listed below the General election results.


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