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Help Emergency Responders Find You

Can you be found in an emergency?

August 19, 2022 - One challenge facing law enforcement, fire departments, and medical personnel when responding to a 9-1-1 call is being able to locate the address of the incident. Over the years, 9-1-1 addressing has improved the process of finding an address; however, when officers are searching for a location, it is very important for a physical address to be visible.

You can help emergency responders help you.

Back to School Supply Lists, Calendars

August 5, 2022 - With schools starting back in early August, parents are preparing their students for the new year!

Below is a list of helpful links for supply lists and school calendars. Fortunately, this school year the supply lists are much shorter as many of the schools are providing general classroom supplies during the 2022-2023 year such as pens, pencils, markers, scissors, rulers, tissue and other items that will be replenished as needed.

Center Christian Academy

Sheriff Confirms Shelbyville Man Drowned in Toledo Bend on Tuesday

August 3, 2022 - Shelby County Sheriff Kevin Windham confirms a Shelbyville man drowned in Toledo Bend Reservoir yesterday, August 2, 2022.

The family of Don Jackson notified the Sheriff's Department around 4:30pm that they were concerned because they had not heard from him since going out on the water to check trot lines near East Hamilton Boat Ramp.


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