“A Bun With Barbecue Sauce” by Doug Fincher

September 9, 2019 - After shopping in Lufkin .last week, Pam and I drove through a Barbecue Drive-thru Lame and ordered sandwiches to eat on our way home. When I opened mine, I instantly recognized the aroma of good barbecue, but my joy was short-lived. Suddenly barbecue sauce was dripping all the way through the bun as it came apart in my hand. When we reached The Neches River Bridge, I casually asked Pam if she liked the barbecue. “It wasn’t barbecue,” she laughed! “It was meat sauce!”

And I began wondering how much “Meat of The Word” is being served in our modern churches. The preaching was so powerful the night I was converted that bashful, fourteen year old Henry Fincher couldn’t wait to accept Christ. I’m 86 now and haven’t forgotten how John Rawlings preached that night in 1947—it was like he was speaking only to me.

There are many Henry Finchers seeking peace of mind in the world today. But a church that only offers only a “feel good” pep talk and a little entertainment is offering barbecue without meat. It’s the “Meat of The Word” that brings us both conviction and peace of mind. I’ve heard it preached many times in hospitals, revival meetings, jail houses…in churches large and small. And when it’s preached by a God-called preacher, nothing equals its power. It will lead us to the Lord Jesus…

… and all the way to heaven.