By Doug Fincher

“Is They Cleaned?” by Doug Fincher

January 18, 2021 - When I was Pastor of The First Baptist Church of Hemphill, Texas, a preacher-friend J.P. Owens called asking me to take him and a friend fishing in the newly constructed Toledo Bend Reservoir. I didn’t know his friend weighed over 300 pounds… but I knew three was too many for my little boat. To add to my problem, it started raining just before they drove up. The men were still determined to fish, so we drove to the lake and crawled into the little boat.

“A Lesson From Spot” by Doug Fincher

“If any should not work, neither should he eat…” I Thes. 3:10

December 14, 2020 - Spot, a Painted Bunting that I’ve photographed the past three years, has a new family in the sand hills near Center, Texas. All three fledglings flew into the grass where their parents often feed. They are fully feathered and except for their lack of color and yellow at the corner of their mouths, they look like adults. After their crash landing, they began frantically fluttering their wings to get fed.


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