By Doug Fincher

“The Bird Window” by Doug Fincher

March 18, 2019 - When Deacon Harris Minton of Hemphill, Texas told me he wanted to show me “how I stay sane”, we drove outside town to an old barn with six cows standing nearby. After feeding the cows, we sat, watched, and talked small talk. “Well, how do you stay sane”, I asked. “By doing what we’re doing….watching the cows”, he laughed. “Doctor Winslow told me I’d save money on medicine this way.” As I thought about Harris the other day, I told Pam, “That’s what we enjoy doing..…except we watch birds instead of cows.”

“I Found Jesus” By Doug Fincher

March 4, 2019 - In 1947 Daddy moved his family of eight children to the Jim Boothe rent house across the tracks in East Center, Texas. I was fourteen years old and had heard that revival services were being held in a “Blue-topped “tent across from the Grammar School downtown. We hadn’t been raised in church, but our parents read the Bible to us and taught us strict morality. So when we asked if we could “go to the revival,” Mother told us we could but to come right home. 


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