By Doug Fincher

“A Letter to My Friends” By Doug Fincher

June 29, 2021 - I have not been active on Email or Facebook lately because of a bladder and prostate problem. My prostate was enlarged… but not cancerous… and they found a sizable stone in my bladder. I had surgery last week… corrected the enlarged prostate, and had the stone removed. (Don’t you just love to read about health reports?) I am doing fine in my recovery and actually slept all night last night without my usual trips to the bathroom!

“Is They Cleaned?” by Doug Fincher

January 18, 2021 - When I was Pastor of The First Baptist Church of Hemphill, Texas, a preacher-friend J.P. Owens called asking me to take him and a friend fishing in the newly constructed Toledo Bend Reservoir. I didn’t know his friend weighed over 300 pounds… but I knew three was too many for my little boat. To add to my problem, it started raining just before they drove up. The men were still determined to fish, so we drove to the lake and crawled into the little boat.


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