By Doug Fincher

“The Headless Squirrels” by Doug Fincher

December 9, 2019 - When I became pastor of the Fletcher Emmanuel Baptist Church in Lumberton, Texas, I found a church full of hunters. And the best hunters of the church were without doubt Junior Stanley and James Cannon. Their favorite hunting spot was on the Indian Reservation near Woodville, Texas and they invited me to deer hunt with them there one day. Junior and James both had Browning Auto Shotguns and I took a 6MM Custom Rifle that I had built.

“Wedding in a Car” By Doug Fincher

November 11, 2019 - Back in 1957, I was student Pastor of he Liberty Hill Baptist Church in San Augustine, Texas. County Clerk Cecil Murphy called me one day asking if I had time to perform a wedding “for a young couple.” I told him I would and minutes later a young man came to the door.  When I asked where he wanted to be married, he replied, “Oh, I’m already married.” “The couple to be married is too old to get out and want to be married in the car.” 

“Jeremy” by Doug Fincher

October 14, 2019 - In 1984, I became the Pastor of The Magnolia Baptist near Vinton, Louisiana in a community called “Big Woods.” It was a utopia for anyone wanting peace and quiet. The church was so hidden on a backwoods road that that there were days that not a single vehicle passed through “The Woods.”


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